Lone Star Racing – Max Verstappen Previews The 2017 U.S. Grand Prix

After his stunning win in Malaysia and podium at Suzuka, Max Verstappen heads to the United States full of confidence as his 2017 season starts to turn around.

The Circuit of the America’s may only have been on the calendar since 2012 but it instantly became a classic. The wider corners allow for plenty of overtaking, and the circuit drew on inspiration from some of the best race tracks around the world.

Turn one’s steep climb mimics that of the first corner in Austria, the magnificent esses out of turn two are similar to the stunning Maggots and Beckett’s combination at Silverstone, and turns 16 through to 18 bring back memories of the awe inspiring turn 8 at Turkey’s Istanbul Park.

The formation of turn one means it is indeed very tricky, with room on the inside and outside making overtaking very possible right from the moment the lights go out.

“The start is always quite tricky because it’s a really wide turn one, so everybody tries to dive up the inside.

But then at one point it gets really tight, so you can’t break really late because you basically T-bone someone so you always have to be a bit careful there.” – Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Formula 1 has always struggled to get a stable foothold in the United States, but the Circuit of the Americas and Austin have turned out to be the perfect home for the sport.

Attendance has been brilliant since the first race five years ago, and classic races such as the 2015 title decider and the Vettel vs Hamilton hunt of the first year wowing those who flock to the Lone Star State. Not only is the track popular among the drivers, but so is the United States itself and the open and free nature of the USA appeals greatly to Red Bull’s young star.

“I think it’s always important to have Formula 1 races on every single continent, so there is still a long way to go to go everywhere but I think America is one of my favorite countries. It’s very big of course very open, very free and I like that.” – Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

This year’s edition of the race could be one of the most crucial events of the season, as Sebastian Vettel looks to somehow get back into title fight and make big inroads on Lewis Hamilton. Who knows, perhaps Verstappen himself could play a big part in the Hamilton/Vettel title battle.

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