Baller Alert: The 10 Most Exciting Players In The NBA

Chris Morgan

Who’s the best player in the NBA? Probably LeBron James. Who’s the best shooter? You have to go with Steph Curry. Who’s the most fun player in the NBA, though? That’s a little bit more difficult of a question to answer.

Being fun means a lot of things. It’s not just being great. You have to be great in an interesting way. Tim Duncan is a legend. He was not fun. However, you also don’t have to be great to be fun. You just have to bring the entertainment factor night in and night out. Here are the 10 most fun players in the NBA.

10. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

Dirk isn’t the player he used to be. He’s old, and he can’t move. However, nostalgia is a powerful factor in fun. When Nowitzki does his patented one-foot fadeaway jumper, who can resist cheering? He’s also always had a delightful personality, and that has only increased as his game has decreased.

9. Nick Young, Golden State Warriors

Young is not a great player. Honestly, he may not even be good. However, the dude has never met a shot he didn’t like. Young, aka Swaggy P, loves to put the ball up. Oh, also he calls himself “Swaggy P,” if you needed any more proof he’s a fun dude to watch play. His game is reckless, and he is overly confident on the court, but when he gets hot, like he did in the season opener, it’s a joy to watch.

8. Milos Teodosic, Los Angeles Clippers

You may not have seen much of Teodosic, but get ready. Arguably the best player in Europe before he decided to make the move to the NBA, Teodosic is a passing savant. He wowed us in the preseason with some of his flashy dimes. The guy got people excited about preseason highlights!

7. Ricky Rubio, Utah Jazz

Rubio is not all that different than Teodosic. We’ve just grown accustomed to him. Rubio can’t shoot, but he’s passing is amazing. He’s also a strong defensive player to boot. Even with all the bricks, Rubio brings a flair that makes the game worth watching.

6. Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves

It wouldn’t be surprising if Towns was the best player in the NBA soon. The guy has defensive work to do, but he’s already great on the offensive end of the court. Last year he averaged 25.2 points and 12.3 rebounds per game. He’s seven feet tall and made 36.7 percent of his three-pointers last year! Towns could be a bigger Kevin Durant, which is a crazy thing to think about. Plus, it’d be great to see somebody bring Minnesota into the playoffs.

5. John Wall, Washington Wizards

Wall used to be one speed all the time: super fast. That was awesome, because nobody was faster with the ball in his hands. It was thrilling to see him lead a fast break. He’s not pedal to the medal 24/7 anymore, but he’s still a great player, and he can rev it up at any moment. Speed kills.

4. Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

Sure, a lot of this is his personality. Embiid is a delight. He’s funny on social media and generally seems to love being an NBA star. He’s also a great player when he’s on the court. If he can stay healthy, he could end up being the best player in the NBA, surpassing even Towns. Fingers crossed Embiid can stay on the court. He is joy personified.

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis is so good he’s made people learn to pronounce his last name properly (even if we do all do our best to avoid typing it out). His game is insane. He can engulf the entire court in like three steps. The Greek Freak has earned his nickname. He truly is a freak (and also truly Greek).

2. Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors

It’s fun to watch somebody dominate without being big. Shaq was impressive, but he wasn’t always fun. Steph is fun. Nobody is better at shooting the ball, possibly ever. He’s genuinely changed basketball as we know it. If they ever introduce a four-point shot, Curry will be the best at it. Dunks used to be the top currency in the NBA. Now it’s jacking it up from down deep, and hitting nothing but net.

1.Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Westbrook wants to be all things at all time. If he could play another team 1-on-5, he’d do it. Westbrook only knows one gear, but it’s amazing, and fascinating, to watch. He attacks the rim with violence. He never lets his intensity flag. He averaged a triple-double over an entire season. Maybe this year will be different with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Westbrook will remain the league’s most fun player, though.

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