F1: Daniil Kvyat Won’t Go Down Without a Fight

What’s that saying about not biting the hand that feeds you? Ah, who knows. But the root sentiment is certainly being demonstrated in Toro Rosso’s Dannil Kvyat.

Kvyat, who has had an absolutely woeful 2017 season has found himself benched during its latter half in order for the team to give F1 hopefuls Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley what amount to an in-season evaluation at the Russian’s expense.

Kvyat’s place in the sport has been the subject of much debate for quite some time now, with subsequent crashes and mistakes on his behalf painting him into a not-so-pretty light.

Now, with his teammate Carlos Sainz already Renault-bound and his own future in increasingly hot water, Kvyat is maintain that he’s really not been all that fussed with being cut for two races – and then offering up a hefty amount of shade toward the very team that he is purportedly still committed to:

“I think it wasn’t actually a bad thing – looking back at it, looking at how the races were for the team, I wasn’t even too sorry to miss these two races, because they were quite bad for the team’s performance – but, to be honest, you always want to race, no?

We will discuss these things behind closed doors, we will decide what’s the next move for the future. I think I deserve this, to have clarifications, and we will get them together, one from another.” – Daniil Kvyat

Far be it for us to claim that Kvyat should just shut his mouth and get on with his job, but it’s become difficult to envision the Russian driver as a heavyweight that can swing around influence to get his way trackside. Particularly when his ability trackside has right been scrutinized after continuous self-imposed crashes.

Toro Rosso have yet to offer up a response to Kvyat, but with the recent announcement of Hartley’s GP participation, something big is coming down the pipe.

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