Blatter And Putin Continue To Laugh In The World Cup

As if the football world needed another reason to hate Sepp Blatter, fans have just been given a fresh dose of ‘Blatterism’ with his recent comments on Vladimir Putin; arrogance personified, delusion and ignorance in full-Blatter swing.

Rather than being behind bars this coming World Cup, the king of corruption himself will have the best seat in the house in Russia; it’s just a matter of which game he fancies turning up to:

“I will go to the World Cup in Russia. I received an invitation from President Putin,

‘I don’t know how long I will go for, whether I will be there for the opening match or the final.

‘Because I can’t work in football and I don’t have an assignment to do, maybe I will only make a short visit.”

— Sepp Blatter, speaking to AFP news agency.

The ego of the man is something to be admired. To have the lack of care to just rock up to the greatest sporting tournament in the world as if the football world owes you everything is the mark of the man; in his own head, blinkers on to everything he’s done of corrupting the game, and a vision that he should be guest of honour this coming summer.

The former President of FIFA has a six-year ban from football, but will still be going arm-in-arm with best bud, Putin as a VIP member; guess that’s fair enough when Blatter gave the tournament to Russia’s President in 2010.

“I’m sure that the World Cup 2018 will be a great World Cup. Russia has to show that it can welcome the whole world. It’s a big challenge,”

— Sepp Blatter

It’s a shame that such personnel will be at the tournament over genuine football fans, as the oligarchy who ran FIFA to the ground continue to enjoy the beautiful game on the biggest stage.

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