Interview With RNG Ming: ‘As A Duo We’re Not The Best Yet, But Uzi Is The Best ADC In The World.’

Royal Never Give Up and Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao are inseparable, just as bot lane is a duo show. For the past one year, Shi “Ming” Sen Ming has been competing side by side with this legendary AD carry.

Taking the place of Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, Ming emerged from the Chinese challenger scene to join RNG as a starting support in December 2016. After ousting Europe from Worlds 2017 in the quarterfinals against Fnatic, Ming has qualified for the semi-finals in his rookie year.

Clickon eSports sat down with this humble support to discuss RNG’s adaptations against Fnatic, training with Uzi, and their approach against SK Telecom T1 in the next round.


Source: Riot Games Flickr

Against Fnatic, Royal Never Give Up in the first 2 games focused on the top side of the map. As a result, bot side did not get much pressure earlier in the game. Could you explain the reason behind that?


“Bot lane has an advantage against Fnatic. As long as we don’t die, when top and mid opens up the map, they can rotate down to help bot.”

Tristana is a good pick right now. However she pushes waves and RNG drafted Soraka, which leaves you in a dangerous position up in the lane. What’s the thinking behind that?

“The reason behind this is that Soraka is quite a good counter against Janna, so we chose this pick.”

Supports are usually picked in the first round. This series evolved to one where supports were left in the 2nd round for counter-pick options. Why do you think that happened?

“It depends on the opponent. Sometimes we need to pick other champions for other positions first. For me, I have a large champion support pool so we can wait until the second round.”

Why did you pick Morgana in the 3rd game?

“Because Morgana prevents the ADC from dying, so if I could protect Uzi till late game, he could have carried the game. But because in the mid game we had some problems, that’s why we lost.”

What did the team discuss after losing game 3?

“The coach told us to forget the previous three games and to treat the next game like a fresh start. What’s won is won, and despite losing this game, there’s still more games to go.”

Where would you rank yourself and Uzi as a duo among the remaining Worlds teams?

“I think we’re top 4 because we still haven’t won the championship. We’re not the best yet, but Uzi is definitely the best ADC in the world.”

Source: Riot Games Flickr

What’s the communication like between you and Uzi? Who makes the calls?

“We both communicate together during practice. During competition, it depends on my plays. He teaches me a lot of things during practice that I can apply during the actual game. “

“A lot of time, it’s our response to the situation. Sometimes if we get caught in bot lane, it’ll be me who sacrifices my life for him, or he who sacrifices his life for me.” (smiles)

You’ve laned with Uzi all year. What’s the most challenging thing about supporting him?

“Mm… (thinks) it’s more about his mindset. When I make mistakes, he’s very frank and will point it out directly to me. I need to take away these strategies and go over them, which is challenging.”

Going into the next round against SKT where they showed melee supports in their quarterfinals series, what does that mean for RNG in the bot lane?

“There’s no pressure because I used to play a lot of melee supports, so I know these champions well. It was because Misfits picked melee champions too, that SKT picked them. I think it won’t affect me at all.”

SKT has shown a lot of weaknesses too. Where do you think RNG’s strengths lie going against them?

“RNG can out play SKT in early to mid game, but when it comes to late game, SKT are very strong so it’s very hard to beat them.”

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