Trump Will Be Heading To Japan For The First Time As President, To Golf

President Donald Trump gets a lot of flack for the unconventional manner in which he runs the office and especially how he conducts himself on Twitter. But, the POTUS has quite the track record in terms of high-level golfers he has played with since his term began in January. Having played with Rory Mcllrory, Lexi Thompson and Tiger Woods, Trump has put himself in good company.

The President plans on taking his first trip to Japan next month upon Prime Minister Shinzo Abes’s recent re-election. While he is there he looks to hit the golf course with Abe and top 10 golfer in the world, Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama.

Trump has already congratulated Abe over the phone, but showing face would be the proper thing to do. If Trump can get in some rounds of golf in the process with one of the youngest and promising golfers in the world then all the better.

Trump played with Prime Minister Abe last February at the President’s Mar-a-Largo resort where they were joined by Ernie Els. Being a four-time major winner himself, Els is just another successful golfer to have played with Trump. Matsuyama, currently ranked fourth in the world according to the Offical World Golf Ranking, is looking to become the first Japanese born player to win a major. The 25-year old just missed out on such an achievement at the US Open where he finished second behind Brooks Koepka.

Although Trump is earning his reputation as a renowned golfer, the media and politicians alike question the amount of time he spends on the golf course. It was not very long ago when he would often burn former President Barak Obama for the same exact thing. While the White House has not officially set a date, the trio of Trump, Abe and Matsuyama will look to tee off some time in November during Trumps first visit to Japan during his Presidency.

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