Feeling Epic: Jordan Spieth Played With A Legendary Group Of People Over The Weekend

The legend of Jordan Spieth continues to grow. Before he turned 24 in August, Speith had captured three major championships and earned millions of dollars in on and off-course earnings.

Spieth is a humble guy with a fairly low profile. But that doesn’t mean he’s hasn’t got powerful friends across the sporting world. This past weekend, Spieth casually drops an Instagram picture of the guys he golfed with, and needless to say, it was a very epic group.


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From left to right we have Jonnie West (son of former NBA player Jerry West), Seth Curry (Steph’s brother), Kevin Plank (Under Armour CEO), Spieth (duh), Barack Obama (former President), and Steph Curry.

Luckily for these guys, Steph couldn’t be ejected from this round because there were no referees to throw a mouth guard at.

Two NBA stars, a powerful CEO, and a former U.S. President….as you can imagine there was probably plenty to talk about in between shots.

Steph first met Spieth prior to a Mavericks vs. Warriors game in 2016, but the two never teed it up on the course together until this past weekend. Curry, who played in a Web.com Tour event during the NBA offseason, was in awe of the Spieth’s ability.

 “Just getting to see the best golfer in the world doing what he does, in his offseason — which, if that’s his game in the offseason then I can’t imagine what it’s like when he’s at his peak, gearing up for majors and stuff like that — so it’s pretty fun to watch,” Curry told Sports Day.

This six-some could have made the most epic round ever if they invited fellow Under Armour athlete Tom Brady to join them. Unfortunately, Brady was preparing to dismantle the 2016 NFC champion Falcons on Sunday night football. So golf wasn’t in the cards.

However, Brady did comment on the gram and inquired about who won the round. No one from the group answered, leaving Brady and the rest of us hanging on a cliff.

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