Astros vs. Dodgers: Notable Prop Bets For Game 1 Of The World Series

The time has finally come to place your bets on baseball’s top teams, playing in the most glorified stage, the World Series. People like to say baseball isn’t a numbers game when it comes to playoff baseball. Those people can buzz off though because we are about to go over some very important bets that you should look at for the 2017 Fall Classic.

The Astros Dallas Keuchel will face the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw on Tuesday night for Game 1. Both starters have won a Cy Young award which means runs could be at a premium in the first couple of innings. That right there will segway into the first prop bet you should consider for Game 1. (Note all payouts are based on bets of $1000)

Thanks to our friends at Bovada, we have a money line on if there will be a run scored in the first inning.

No runs scored in the first inning: -170

Payout: $158.82. This bet almost seems like a no-brainer when you see who is starting on the mound. This bet should hit especially when you have Keuchel and Kershaw all juiced up for Game 1. It is likely that hitters on both sides of the inning will be felling those first-inning World Series jitters so bank on hopefully seeing a 1-2-3 inning from each starter.

Under 8 1/2 runs scored

Payout: $141.67. We’re going to stick with the low-scoring theme here and suggest you place your money on under 8 and a half runs to be scored in this ball game. You have to figure that Keuchel and Kershaw should go at least six innings each and maybe give up 1-2 runs maximum. Each pitcher has made three starts this postseason and the most each has given up is four runs (but that only happened once for each guy).

Over 6 1/2 strikeouts for Dallas Keuchel

Payout: $171.43. Keuchel has been a strikeout machine this postseason. In his three starts, this postseason he has struck out a grand total of 25 batters in 17.1 innings pitched – that’s a little over a strikeout per inning. This should be a good bet if Keuchel is able to go five-plus innings (which is very likely).

Jose Altuve will record a hit -250

Payout: $140.00. It’s pretty absurd that this is even a bet offered on Bovada. Altuve has been tearing the cover off the ball this postseason, batting .400 with five home runs and posting an OBP of .500. This is a smaller payout but almost guaranteed to hit.

Yasiel Puig will record a hit -200

Payout: $150.00. Puig, like Altuve, has been red-hot this postseason batting .414 (12 hits), with one homer and an OBP of .514. He’ll be due for at least one base knock during Game 1.

Justin Turner will hit a home run +375

Payout: $475.00. This is by far the riskiest bet mentioned in this article, but it also has the most rewarding payout. Turner has hit three home runs this postseason, two of those came while playing in Dodger Stadium. Even a small $10 bet on this can give you a return of $75 if the long-haired third baseman can put one out.

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