Recalling The Action: WWE Monday Night Raw

Joel Harvey

Strange how we witnessed an actual murder at TLC, without any repercussions. Braun Strowman was seemingly crushed to death in the back of a garbage truck and yet his killers, Miz and co. are still free men. There they were, on last night’s Raw, shooting their mouths off like nothing had happened. Where’s the justice in that? The law is a joke…

TLC was a bizarre diversion. Apart from Strowman’s “death”, we also saw yer da’, Kurt Angle, play dress-up and join The Shield. But Raw would bring us crashing back to reality. The odd little nostalgia trip was over, and last night it was about moving things on to Survivor Series where things would be getting back to normal. Y’know, like turning the entire SmackDown roster into heels. Wait, what?

Yes, at the end of Raw we were treated to an invasion by Shane McMahon and many blue brand superstars. New Day, Nakamura, AJ Styles et al, inexplicably turned into a pack of braying hyenas as they rampaged through the backstage area of Raw. They took out wrestlers, interns and TV screens, in scenes reminiscent of Scar’s demise at the end of Lion King.

Why SmackDown, why? Our best guess is that Shane-O has deviously spliced those blue t-shirts with the drug used in Jacob’s Ladder. This is some serious Vietnam conspiracy level s**t going on here.

As with last year, WWE are going all out with the ‘brand supremacy’ storyline for Survivor Series. And yes, it is kind of cool seeing everyone fight each other; our inner-mark obviously loves it. But none of it makes any sense whatsoever and it’s like we’re entering some kind of parallel universe. On-going feuds are seemingly forgotten about, as every one piles in because they happen to be on a particular show. It’s like the WCW Invasion all over again, and we all know how that disaster of a storyline ended up.

The main event at Survivor Series will be two traditional elimination matches between SD and Raw. But we all know the real main event: Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal. After Jinder’s challenge to The Beast last week on SmackDown, Lesnar – or rather, Paul Heyman – accepted last night on Raw.

Other matches announced included: Natayla taking on Alexa Bliss and The Miz versus Baron Corbin. Let’s be honest,  these are hardly the most enticing of champion versus champion matches.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were also announced to be taking on The Usos at Survivor Series. Now, that could be an intriguing match-up. Last night on Raw – with Roman Reigns still out-of-action and Angle probably needing a rest – Rollins and Ambrose had a new partner: AJ Styles, who joined them before he turned SmackDown crazy. The three men beat The Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus in the first, and best, match of the night.

Finally, let’s talk about Kane. We don’t have a problem with Kane, we really don’t. Glenn Jacobs has done sterling work as a monster for 20 years. And we wish him all the best in his political career too (even if he is a libertarian). But the insistence WWE has of putting him over is odd these days. No matter how fit or strong he might look, is it really necessary to have him defeat Finn Bálor last night? Bálor was off the back of a great match – and a win – against Styles at TLC, only to have his momentum curbed by the Big Red Machine.

We get they’re pushing a Strowman/Kane match, but come on guys, at the expense of talent like Bálor? No. Hell no.


  • Jinder Male? Thanks to Kurt Angle, this is now how you pronounce Jinder Mahal.
  • Enzo Amore has lost his voice (boo!), but Drew Gulak spoke for him (yay!). He should now be Enzo’s advocate every week. “How are you doing?”.
  • Why does Michael Cole turn into a heel announcer whenever Elias comes out?
  • We were severely disappointed at the lack of Steven Segal when all this Under Siege business started. He’s practically a one-dimensional WWE character these days anyway, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him soon teaming up with Rusev.

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