MotoGP: Why Johann Zarco Will Be Champion

MotoGP Tech 3 Yamaha rider Johann Zarco has already swept the Rookie of the Year title – here’s why he’s destined for the World Championship title.

Bursting onto the scene with no time to waste, former Moto2 Champion Johann Zarco has been making big waves in the premier class.

The Frenchman made a name for himself right from the outset, as he secured an unbelievable pole position during the season opener at Qatar. Although Zarco would go on to crash out of the lead, his relentless assault on the rest of the grid set the stage for his future stints.

Since then, Zarco has secured the “Rookie of the Year” title, usurping his Tech 3 teammate Jonas Folger. At Philip Island, the Frenchman finished fourth after a fierce battle with his rival Yamaha boys in blue, Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. As the clock ran short, all three men were riding elbows out for a podium position. Despite being caught out by his competition, Zarco regrets nothing:

“Being disappointed about the final result would be the wrong way to analyze the race. 1.8s from the winner, and [in the fight] for the podium, even second place… no, no way to be disappointed.

It was a good feeling, I was able to fight, to overtake. I lived some moments that I never lived before in my life. Fighting at this speed is so incredible.

The emotion fighting over 300km/h… you can fight on another circuit, but here you are really not many times under 200km/h, so it is incredible. I want to call my coach and see the race again.” – Johan Zarco

It’s no secret that Zarco is slated to be a favorite to replace Rossi when his time comes, and it’s easy to see why. Zarco is a born champion. His relentless pursuit and determination has not only earned him the respect of the rest of the grid, it has highlighted a very real threat that he poses for the title.

While his chances of contending for the title didn’t manifest this year, heads have been turning his way, and he’ll undoubtedly find a plethora of helpful hands along the way to guide him to stardom.

Now if only he’ll stay off of Rossi’s line…

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