Interview with WE 957: ‘We Have A 50% Chance Against Samsung Galaxy In The Semi-finals.’

After a close series against Cloud9 that ended 3-2 in Team WE’s favour, the Chinese fan favourites solidified their place in the semi-finals against Samsung Galaxy.

Cloud9 caught WE cold with a blind-pick Singed played by Jeong “Impact” Eon-yeong in games 2 and 3, proxying waves and maintaining side lane pressure throughout the game. Team WE did not respond well and broke the number one League of Legends rule: never chase a Singed.

It was Team WE’s Ke “957” Changyu who was forced to face this unexpected pick in the top lane, persevering after a five-game series after banning Singed in games 4 and 5 for the win.

CLICKON eSports sat down with Team WE’s top laner to reveal what went on behind the scenes in the series against Cloud9, and how he thinks they will fare against Samsung Galaxy.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

TM: Due to team composition in Game 1, C9 found leads early and WE was on the backfoot for a while. Your teleport at the Baron pit forced a team fight that swung the game over for WE. Who made the call and what was the thinking in that situation?

“All our lanes were losing, so we thought we’ll just keep farming. Once we farmed up and felt ready with items, we looked for a fight.”

TM: What was your reaction after seeing C9 Impact lock in Singed?

“I was like, what? What is this? I’m not familiar with this matchup and we didn’t know what to counter-pick, so I just picked Maokai.”

TM: You’ve had to play against Singed twice. Is there anything that would you have done differently?

“Hmm (thinks)… I would have played a different champion like Kennen.”

TM: What were the key adaptations that WE had to make after losing game 2 and 3?

“We thought that Jarvan was the problem because he was impacting every lane, so we decided to do something about him.”

TM: How was the mood of the team at that point?

“Actually, it was quite depressing, but we talked to each other and talked about what we’re going to do next.”

(Photo credit: Riot Games Flickr)

TM: How would you describe your Worlds journey so far?

“Playing from Play-ins up until now, we’ve met a lot of teams. We’ve seen so many different playstyles from teams and a lot of teams have actually gave us some difficulties in games. But so far we’ve made it and hopefully we can make it even further.”

TM: You’re going to face CuVee in the top lane next who was ranked top 20 this year, he’s also known to be a Kled payer. How are you going to prepare for this matchup?

“I think CuVee as a player, his champion pool is pretty deep; he has a lot of champions he can pull out. But in terms of preparation, I think I will prepare as I normally do.”

TM: Samsung is a very tight, well-coordinated team and play it slow and steady. How do you think WE will fare against them in the semi-finals?

“It depends on how we’re feeling that day, but to be conservative I would just say 50% chance.”

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