Running Plan: What’s Next For Usain Bolt?

Joel Harvey

Some people are annoyingly talented. While us norms are struggling to get by and make ends meet, they’re doing things well without even trying. They’ll try their hand at anything and end up making a success of it. All we can do is look on and grudgingly admire/enviously despise these people. And Usain Bolt is one of them.

The Jamaican sprinter has had a fairly decent running career – only 20 world championships, no biggie. But that all ended earlier this year and now, Bolt needs something new in his life. At only 31-years-old (think of what you’ve achieved by that age and weep), he’s still got plenty of time to make a stab at a new career. Although for Bolt, time is pretty much irrelevant. This man positively laughs in the face of time.

Here then, are some new potential career paths for him:

Professional Footballer

For most of us, our dreams of becoming a professional footballer probably ended before we hit our twenties. Or when we stopped being self-deluded for long enough to realise we weren’t actually good at playing football.

But for Usain Bolt, he had no such thoughts. Probably because he was too busy winning gold medals to be distracted by any negative ideas like that. He’s always expressed a desire to play football in some capacity when he retired, and now there’s a real possibility that he could.

Borussia Dortmund have stated they would welcome Bolt for a training session at the club, paving the way for him to potentially play for them in the future. Although seeing as both Bolt and Dortmund have sponsorship deals with Puma, we’ll take such talk with a pinch of publicity salt for the time being.

TV Pundit

The key to being a good television analyst is to be able to talk and have a strong history in the sport you’re talking about. For example: you can’t be expected to take a Conference level footballer seriously, if he pops up on TV to criticise Lionel Messi. For Bolt, none of this is an issue. His glittering background in athletics is absurd, and he can most definitely talk. Oh boy, can he talk.

Could his naturally cool personality make him a good fit for TV sports coverage then? Definitely. Would it be something that he would do on a regular basis? Probably not. Bolt is a man of action and movement, it seems unlikely you could sit him down for hours on end to talk about things.

You also get the impression he’d be easily distracted and could wander off set during a live broadcast. And Sue Barker would not be pleased at such un-professionalism.


There is no evidence Bolt has any interest in politics. Nor is there any argument he could actually work in politics. But hey, that didn’t stop Donald Trump and look at him today – leading the planet into mutually assured political destruction. Sometimes all you need is a high-profile, some money and a microphone then BOOM! You’re President and the bombs are dropping.

Trump even used Bolt recently in his own political games, much to the disdain of Team Jamaica:

If Bolt did turn his hand to becoming a politician, he would kill it though. Of course he would. He’s a likable guy and even if he has zero interest in politics, he’d probably cake-walk any Jamaican election. And just think of all the “Bolt Runs For Office” headlines we’d get.

Running (again)

He’s still 31. There is absolutely no reason why he couldn’t have another five years running at the top-level of athletics. And with the nightmare of his final performance at the World Championships this year, he might feel like he has unfinished business too.

Like many other greats of their chosen sport (Jordan and Schumacher, for example), saying goodbye is often the hardest word. They just want one more race/match to continue to cement their legacy at being awesome, even if we all know they couldn’t possibly improve upon their legacy anymore.

If Bolt came back to running, we wouldn’t be surprised. And for the world of athletics, we doubt anyone would be disappointed. Well, maybe if you were another runner.

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