Greek Freak: Giannis Antetokounmpo’s NBA MVP Campaign Off To Hot Start

Zimran Jacob

Giannis is straight out balling on the league. The Bucks’ forward is shooting 66 percent from the field and scoring at a dangerous clip. The Greek Freak is finishing at the rim with ease and has added a great amount of strength to his game. He’s able to back down smaller guards and score around them, over them, or through them.

His long strides get him to the basket past helpless defenders and his soft touch and dunks help him finish when he’s there. He’s a terror in the fast break and has an array of moves he can go to in order to give defenders nightmares. He has added the fade away to his game, as well as the side step shots. He’s a modern day George Gervin, but he’ll dunk over you at will. He’s catching lobs that are thrown high and he’s murdering the defenders at the rim, slamming the ball through the net over big men as well.

No defender is safe from the wrath of Giannis. At the same time, he’s corralling double-digit rebounds, dishing more than five dimes a game, and snagging more than two steals… and this is against three playoff teams like the Cavs, the Celtics, and the Trailblazers. He’s a boon to his team, and for that, he’s the too-early MVP.

Some might say that his three-point shot needs some improvement and he’s nowhere near Anthony Davis’ 45 percent clip, but if Giannis is able to get to the rim at will, it might not matter. Despite his poor outside shooting, Giannis has the highest player efficiency rating in the NBA.

Perennial All-Stars will emerge into the race. LeBron will carry a great load for the Cavs this year. Surely Kawhi will return from his injury a force of nature. Anthony Davis is putting up monster numbers and, if the first four games are any indicator, will be in the conversation. None of it matters if Giannis keeps filling the stat sheet. He will surely eclipse all competition.

It normally takes three to four years for NBA superstars to emerge. Giannis has shown promise throughout his whole career, and in his fifth year in the league, is becoming an unstoppable force. The sky is the limit for this 22 year-old sensation, and the league is in for an era of greatness from the Greek Freak.

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