Rookie Of The Year: Ben Simmons Gets First Triple-Double In Fourth Career Game

Ben Simmons became the third player in NBA history to get a triple-double in his fourth career game, putting up 21 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists against the Detroit Pistons. He might be the chosen one:

The NBA can go ahead and give Simmons the Rookie of the Year award now, in October. He doesn’t play like any rookie that’s come into the league in a long, long time. “Rookie” is subjective here, since he drafted last year but missed the entire season. Regardless, the kid looks like an All-Star. Those are grown man moves he’s making out there.

The East is still Cleveland’s fiefdom to lose (they won’t, this year), but Philadelphia has the pieces in place to be good for the foreseeable future. Ben Simmons has “franchise player” written all over him, and the ink’s barely dry on Joel Embiid’s five-year, $146 million extension.

If we’re talking big men, Ben Simmons is the first player since Shaq with a double-double in each of his first four games. Fine company to keep indeed.

It’s cases like Ben Simmons that underscore the hypocrisy of the NCAA. He had no business playing college ball for a year when he could have been getting NBA-sized checks and one year closer to signing an enormous extension.

But he had to spend a year at LSU, broke, while the school and the NCAA made money off him. That’s the way the pimps treat their hoes in The Deuce.

For all the ridiculous things that have come out of LaVar Ball’s mouth, pulling his son LiAngelo (Lonzo’s younger brother) out of high school is starting to seem decidedly sane. It’s not fair for the NCAA to profit while the kids and the families — and we’re talking of marquee stars here; the kids people are tuning in to see — get nothing.

Ben Simmons burned a year at LSU that he’ll never get back. Maybe it’s a good thing that LaVar Ball has arrived as a disruptor, because that’s exactly what the NCAA needs: some disruption.


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