Lifting Spirits Towards Wembley: What Type Of Drink Is Your Club In The Carabao Cup?

The Carabao Cup – don’t worry, its constant name change throws us just as much – has reached the ‘business end’. Your Jose Mourinhos of this world still view the competition as important; a major piece of silverware where success will keep the critics at bay – of the nine major trophies he’s won managing in England, four of them have come in this competition, and we all know a manager is judged by his trophy cabinet.

Others aren’t as bothered, the likes of Pep ‘excuses’ Guardiola have suggested the cup should be scrapped and went as far blaming the weight of the ball as a reason to why Manchester City could not break down Wolves.

Whatever your view on it, we doubt you were itching to get home from work and tune into a game where you value three Premier League points over progression to the next round.

Of the teams to progress to the quarter-final, just one is representing teams outside the Premier League: good ‘old Bristol City; the club holding the baton for South West football and Tammy Abraham’s old stomping ground.

With the competition offering little inspiration, other than a chance for likes of Leicester to lift morale, we thought it’d be a laugh to compare each remaining club to an alcoholic drink. So, is your team like a fine wine? Or more of like a bottle of bubbly?


Gin – Bournemouth

Bournemouth’s humbling of Championship side, Middleborough, was some much needed good news for Eddie Howe’s Cherries. The south coast outfit are like gin: they rely on components to make them good, be it a lesser opposition, or everything working in favour for them on match day – it’s the elements that make the drink what it is.

Lager – Leicester

The club with the trigger-happy board who won’t hesitate at kicking romance in football to touch; similar to a pint of lager, plenty of gas in the tank, but without much alcoholic substance – if we ignore *that* title-winning season.

Whiskey – Manchester City

Despite the laboured win over Wolves on penalties, Guardiola’s side have been exactly like a whiskey all season. Rarely messing around, straight to the point, and usually doing things at a frightening pace.

Tequila – Arsenal

A pretty easy comparison for Arsene Wenger’s men; it can go one of two ways – either horribly wrong, or when it goes right, the Gunners bring the party.

Wine – Manchester United

The Red Devils can be like a fine wine, or like a cheap bottle which sends you south after a couple of sips. Often dependent on the setting, Mourinho would go as far as the blame the room temperature to blame a poor performance – must be that Huddersfield air.

Ale – Chelsea

Antonio Conte’s Blues are just like an ale; when the barrel’s gone off, it can get seriously ugly. However, when everything’s running smoothly, it’s the perfect beverage, and the London club are usually in for the long haul.

Cider – Bristol City

The club all neutrals will be routing for on the quest to Wembley; but, the South West club are usually like a cider; not hugely popular, yet a very strong fan following.

Glens Vodka – West Ham

Unpredictable. Try to punch above their own weight. But everyone seems to buy into it.

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