Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone: You’ve Got To Try These Airbnbs

Airbnb is one of those ideas you go: “Why didn’t I think of that?! Genius.” And as the company grows and grows, and has become *the* go-to accommodation when looking to find that bit of something that your hometown cannot offer you – usually peace and quiet, and the ability to escape awkward small talk when you bump into someone you don’t know well enough to ignore, but don’t know well enough to stop and talk to.

Offering escapism is Airbnb’s greatest attribute, and if you’re wanting to escape, then why not do it in style?

The Love Nest –  Morongo Valley, California

Image Source: Airbnb

“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us” and we are pretty sure the rest of the quote went something like: “unless you’re staying in the Draft Ranch in the Morongo Valley”.

30 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park, the location – with its lack of neighbours (presumably cowboys and indians) and zero traffic – is the perfect place to fully immerse yourself into the natural beauty and sounds of nature.

At £92-per-night, it’s a steal considering for a similar price, you’d be lucky to get a Travelodge in Luton (and it definitely wouldn’t include breakfast).

The Gatehouse to Ayton Castle – Eyemouth, Scotland

Image Source: Airbnb

Arise, Sir Ned Stark of Winterfell! This escape in Scotland, just four miles from a dramatic coastline and unspoilt beaches, means you’re certain to have a happier ending than that of Sean Bean’s character in Game of Thrones – no, that’s not a spoiler; this happens in season one, so more fool you for being so far behind.

At £102-per-night, it proves living like a King or Queen isn’t that hard, after all.

Pink Palace – Essex, England

Image Source: Twitter

No prizes for guessing that this pink heavy house sits in the heart of The Only Way Is Essex country in Tiptree, Essex.

A house that looks like the brainchild of Gemma Collins and the cast of Love Island, suggests that being a barbie doll* – every 90s girls’ dream – is very attainable (assuming you have the £2000 it costs for a one-night stay).

*Ken doll not included

The Seashell House – Casa Caracol, Mexico

Image Source: Twitter

If Ariel were to totally ditch her life under the sea, then you’d imagine the red-headed mermaid would live somewhere like here.

Designed by Finding Nemo on meth (we assume), this above water, underwater-themed, house is any fisherman’s dream.

But you’ll be shellshocked when you hear the price is a minimum of £234-per-night.

Cubehouse –  Central Rotterdam, Netherlands

Image Source: Twitter

The Rubix Cube uprising is upon us!

Is that the ceiling? The floor? Wait, are we actually on the roof?

The ‘cubehouse’ in the Netherlands would make sure that every morning you’d feel like you had a hangover – and you’d have to pay £133-a-night for the privilege.

Sleep in a true plane – St Michael Chef, France

Image Source: Airbnb

We’d definitely pay £82 for a night in an airplane just two minutes walk from the beach.

And imagine the puns! The possibilities are endless:

You: What’s for breakfast?

Me: Don’t know yet; I’ll probably just wing it…

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