The MMA Pioneer: Exclusive Interview With Liz Carmouche

The greats of women’s MMA have been well documented over the last few years, with the likes of Ronda Rousey paving the way for numerous top names to burst onto the scene and make some noise. However, few people seem to credit the other half of that iconic first fight back in 2013 – Liz Carmouche.

At the age of 33, Liz has already done more throughout her lifetime than most people ever will. She’s arguably one of the most diverse fighters in the history of the UFC not just in terms of inside the Octagon, but also in terms of what she’s done away from the fight world.

“I can remember fighting in Tijuana when another fight broke out, knives came out and everything, and we had to jump a fence just to escape from the whole situation. That’s something that we’d never have to worry about at Madison Square Garden or another venue with the UFC.

Some hardcore fans out there will recognise the name ‘Carmouche’ as she was actually one half of the first ever women’s MMA fight in UFC history alongside Ronda Rousey. From there she may not have turned into the megastar that Ronda did, but what she has done is carve out a solid career for herself whilst also staying true to herself as a person.

That kind of attitude likely dates back many years to when she was actually a part of the Marine Corps, which involved three tours to Iraq in the Middle East. That kind of experience can haunt some people for a lifetime, but for Liz, she learned from her trips out there and used it as fuel in her journey towards becoming a UFC fighter.

“A lot of times I’ve been in places in my life where I’ve stayed in a situation so long out of fear, and so I’ve kind of made it my motto since then to face it head on that much stronger if I’m scared of something.”

Carmouche is someone that has been quietly going about her business as of late, and with no fights under her belt since UFC 205, many fans are eager to see what transpires when she steps into the octagon for her rematch against Alexis Davis.

The bout will serve as a test of sorts for Liz, as she tries to gain a measure of revenge against the woman who bested her back in 2013. Of course, that’ll be no easy task, but for someone who has never been knocked out throughout her entire career, we’re confident in saying that she’ll give as good as she gets.

“You’re capable of achieving any dream. ‘Can’t’ is simply a word that you put as a restraint on yourself, and when you restrict yourself in life then you’re missing out on opportunities. When you tell yourself you can do anything, it may be difficult, it may be something you have to work for, but when you achieve it, it’s that much better.”

Some would argue that her most successful accomplishments have come outside of the cage, but we believe that there’s an embarrassment of riches for the Girl-Rilla. She’s done some truly remarkable things and that much is obvious, and we can only hope that she lands that elusive title shot before she finally calls time on her career.

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