Viciously Vintage: Blake Griffin Dunks All Over Rudy Gobert

The Clippers are off to a hot start this year, winning their first three games. No longer with their long-time floor general Chris Paul, many critics have suggested that the Clippers may need some time to find their way.

That has not been the case as the Los Angeles Clippers have decisively won each of their contests. The main reason for their success seems to be that the team is genuinely having fun again. The fun was capped off on Tuesday night when Blake Griffin threw down a viciously vintage Blake dunk on Rudy Gobert.

Look at the reaction of the Clippers bench. Remember when Chris Paul came to LA and joined Deandre Jordan and Griffin creating the legend known as Lob City? Every week there was a nasty dunk, a sick lob or a mesmerizing fast break that would drop jaws of players and fans alike.

The past couple of years have not been as glamorous to Doc Rivers’ bunch, as they have been riddled with injuries and plagued with drama on and off the court. Now with a clean slate, Griffin is the clear lead dog and his team is playing with a lot of energy. Even when dunking on one of the NBA’s elite rim protectors, Blake found a way to show the world his humorous side, paying tribute to Dave Chappelle’s infamous sketch where he impersonated Prince.

The new Clippers starting line-up features defensive-minded point guard Patrick Beverly and talented scorer Danilo Gallinari at the small forward and the bench is highlighted by prolific scorer and crafty ball-handler Lou Williams. While the faces have changed, the talent still remains.

Although the Clips have yet to face a legitimate playoff contender thus far in the second week of the season, it is promising for fans to see LA going back to their roots.

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