True Or False: Is Bryce Harper Actually A Huge Jerk?

Bryce Harper, despite being one of the best baseball players on the planet, is considered a jerk by anyone who’s not a Washington Nationals fan. He gives people plenty of reasons to want to hate him. For starters, his flamboyant hair (and/or bat) flipping on long home runs.

Some dislike his tendency to argue and become aggressive with umpires over balls and strikes. And don’t forget a number of times he’s slammed his equipment in frustration.

Maybe people just hate the fact that Harper is one of the Top-3 players in the game and that he doesn’t play for their team. A selfish take, but an accurate one nonetheless.

Harper is perceived to be this cocky and narcissistic 25-year-old who gets away with everything because he’s talented. But teammate Max Scherzer stepped up to the plate to defend his teammate when he was featured on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take.

Scherzer was asked what Harper’s reputation was like in the locker room, and if anyone on the team resented the former MVP.

“Locker room resentment? No,” Scherzer said. “He just spends a lot of time in front of the mirror perfecting that hair. There are other guys that take their hair seriously on the team as well.”

Ok, that last part has to be perceived as somewhat of a joke. Everyone knows Harper is into his hair and it’s modern-metro style.

“I can see how maybe that reputation comes about, but the way he plays the game, he’s playing the game hard and he’s going out there and competing. He competes with a little flair, and sometimes that can rub people the wrong way, but when you have those guys on your team, you love those guys on your team, because you like the guys that play the game that way.

There’s lots of players in this game where you probably can’t stand [them] when they’re across the diamond, but when they’re on your team, you love them.”

The Nationals ace is right. There are other guys around the major leagues that you probably can’t stand. Maybe it’s the way they look. Maybe they play with a little extra flair. Or maybe they are just so damn good you can’t stand to seem them dominant your team multiple times a season.

Whatever the case may be, it’s dumb to hate Bryce Harper. He is still in his 20’s and all of these adults who criticize him probably were doing even dumber things at his age and (spoiler alert) they’re mistakes weren’t on a national stage for everyone to see on a nightly basis.

The sport of baseball has seen a revival in 2017 and it’s because of players like Harper, Yasiel Puig, and others who mash home runs and play with some added style.

There is always room for the clean-cut players who hustle and show as much emotion as the terminator. There’s no shortage of those guys. What drives fans is the flamboyancy and entertainment that a guy like Harper brings. Not only does he hit home runs, but he hustles and has some personality to show off. The best of both worlds.

If you love baseball then you’ll love – not hate – Bryce Harper because he is, in fact, making baseball fun again.

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