New York Upset: Joe Girardi Was Let Go By The Yankees After 10 Years

After a decade of successfully managing the New York Yankees, Joe Girardi will not be returning for the 2018 season.

The organization has thrown its fans a curveball, considering the guy has had a stellar track record with the high profile team and only missed this year’s World Series by one win!

The announcement was revealed by David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago and confirmed by Girardi’s agent on Twitter:

Notice the wording of this quote. It says “the Yankees have decided not to bring me back”, as in it was their decision not his. That’s even more of a shock and could be a major decision for the team, one they’re probably going to regret.

Girardi added to his statement, thanking all of those who helped him along this journey:

“I would like to thank Brian Cashman and his staff for hiring me and always trying to improve the team. I would like to thank my coaches and support staff for their dedication to always trying to make the players better and get the most out of them,” Girardi continued.

“I would like to thank the training staff and the strength Coaches for their tireless efforts of trying to keep the players on the field and healthy. I would like to thank the clubhouse personnel for making the clubhouse our home away form home. I would like to thank the players for the relationships that we have fostered over the last 10 years but most important, how hard they played every day. I would like to thank Damon Oppenheimer and his staff for their hard work in trying to find us the best players available in the draft. I would like to thank the minor league staff for developing these young players.”

General Manager Brain Cashman released a statement of his own, thanking Girardi for all of his years with the team:

This still doesn’t shed any light on why they released him, leaving fans to scratch their heads. Girardi was brought to the team in 2008 to replace Joe Torre and they haven’t had a losing season since. In only his second season with the Yankees, he led them to victory at the World Series with 103 winning games under their belt.

His experience goes beyond any other manager. He groomed and lifted up veteran players like A-Rod and Derek Jeter (big one right there), and now he’s grooming rookies again with the likes of Aaron Judge. Like Cashman said, he’s been a Yankee on and off the course, living and breathing his team and his players.

There’s no doubt that if Girardi wanted it, he could get another manager position with a different team. And with several clubs, like the Phillies and Nationals, with an open spot there possibility of that seems likely. It just depends on if Girardi WANTS to go to another team.

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