WATCH: ex-LMQ ADC Vasili Arrested for Domestic Abuse

WARNING: This video includes graphic content and loud noises.

Just because a player has acquired incredible success and a large fanbase, does not mean that they are a good person outside of the Summoner’s Rift.

This was the case with Li “Vasili” Wei-Jun, Newbee ADC and former member of Chinese LCS team LMQ. The video above comes from his League of Legends stream, immediately after a loss in SoloQ. As Vasili’s anger grew, his girlfriend calmly soothed him.

Suddenly, he snaps, lunging out of his chair and attacking his partner. Minutes later, the police arrive, and arrest the former League of Legends star.

Source: OpenDomain

This is not the first anger incident of his, though it is the most severe. Last year, he ragequit an LSPL game, and charged at a referee attempting to subdue him. During his time with IN Gaming, he also broke his keyboard in rage during a loss.

While these moments captured the most media attention, Vasili’s rage-fueled outbursts stretch all the way back to his heydays with LMQ. According to a post from teammate Xiao “ackerman” Wang, the Chinese AD carry broke his hand after punching a wall in the team house back in 2014. He has shown signs of this misbehavior in the past.

No one with this kind of attitude and disregard for human safety and well-being should be allowed in the League of Legends scene. Fortunately, it looks likely that he will never step foot on a LoL stage again. Less than 12 hours after the stream, Newbee cut Vasili from the team, citing his lack of behavioral improvement since joining the team.

Vasili has run into trouble with his organization before. Earlier in the season, Newbee suspended Vasili for failing to attend practices on time. According to the org, his behavioral issues plagued the team long before this incident. Vasili’s history of anger issues have plagued those around him throughout his career.  Hopefully that career is finally over.


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