AJ’s Record Trumps The Best…Apart From One

Anthony Joshua emerging victorious from Saturday night’s bout with Carlos Takam was one of the biggest sporting foregone conclusions for a long time – many of Sky Sports’ pay-per-view customers, who had pre-ordered Kubrat Pulev versus AJ, chose to take the broadcaster’s offer of a refund, following the Bulgarian’s withdrawal.

Of course, Eddie Hearn refused such a refund to those who had already purchased tickets for the fight, because when the Earth finally implodes, and the human race ceases to exist, you can be certain that Eddie Hearn will be the one who takes the last breathe of mankind, because blood-sucking, manipulative leeches always find a way to survive.

As Takam eventually picks up the pieces of his face from the canvas, the Cameroonian will feel like the previous 19 fighters that entered into the ring with the brute force of the latest prodigal son of boxing.

But how does AJ *really* compare to the true greats – a path that many believe Joshua is on – in his first 20 fights? After all, Joshua’s desire to hold as many belts as possible has seen the man mountain waste many a minute in the ring with poor, inadequate fighters that will have not enhanced Joshua’s reputation one bit – if anything, damaged it.

Mike Tyson…jeez! 12! That’s 12 first round TKOs or KOs from the American’s first 20 fights – 60% of Tyson’s first 20 fights totalled less than 36 minutes; that’s outrageous.

Barely breaking a sweat with an average of 2.35 rounds per fight showcases the brutal brilliance of Tyson; it’s a shame for the great fighter that, as a boxer, he is not remembered in a light that truly befits the talent of the man – but if you make a cameo in the Hangover and bite Evander Holyfield’s ear off, then what else are you expecting?!

It’s interesting to note that, out of the six names mentioned, the boxer idolised by the sporting world, and widely accepted as the GOAT, Muhammed Ali, comes away as the only one of the six with triple figures for rounds faced in his first 20 fights.

It’s amazing what a good quote, and iconic photo will do for a man.

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