Lustboy Admits He’s Looking Forward to Going Back to TSM

It was not going to be long before news broke out apart potential arrivals and departures in the TSM camp.

It appears that former support Ham “Lustboy” Jangsik will be rejoining the team in some capacity, this was leaked by himself during a Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu stream. It has not been confirmed whether he will be joining the team as an analyst or taking over the reigns of Parth “Parthenon” Naidu as the head coach.

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While most do not expect Lustboy to replace Parth as the head coach of TSM, it is believed that since his departure from the team as the starting support, he has been working with the team remotely from Korea as an analyst.

It is to be expected he will now join as an analyst permanently and live in the team house in Los Angeles. It is likely, however, that we see a change in the coaching role during the offseason.

The following tweet can be taken with a grain of salt, but it is unlikely that we will see Parth as the head-coach for TSM in the 2018 spring split.

Sorry to our fans. Last year it was inexperience, but no excuses this year. That was my last time on stage.

— Parth (@parthenaan)

It is time for an overhaul for Team Solo Mid. In a recent interview with Thorin, Reginald claimed he needed a coach who can be the authoritative figure they need, their previous coaches had excellent game knowledge but failed in being a demanding coach.

“I am looking forward to go back to TSM next year” – Lustboy

This is the criteria that Reginald is looking for, although Lustboy will likely be joining the 6 time North American champions as an analyst, he will bring the game knowledge required to help the players. Whereas a new head coach who has the management skills, and is able to deal with players on a personal level will be beneficial to the team.

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It remains to be seen whether Lustboy will be beneficial to the team in terms of success, especially on an international level. Lustboy has experienced falling short on the international stage during his run with TSM, his team were eliminated during the Group stages of the 2015 League of Legends World Championships.

This is certainly going to be one of the most interesting offseasons as we move into the Franchising system as of Spring 2018, as the 10 selected teams will be preparing their rosters and their staff in preparation for the new season. One thing for certain is, you can expect big movements from Team Solo Mid.

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