5 Reasons VR Headsets are Great and You Should Buy One

If you’ve been to the shops recently, you’ll be aware that it is almost the shopping season.

Stores are already starting to ramp up excitement for the products you must have. Among the latest gadgets that should be on your list is a VR headset to go with your favorite console. PlayStation VR has been around for just over a year now, and they’ve got most of the kinks worked out.

That’s an article for another time as we look today instead at why those marketing moguls might be right. Here’s 5 reasons VR technology is great and you should definitely buy one.

A Whole New World

VR headsets are designed to offer a new immersive experience to gamers, putting you right in the middle of the action. While gameplay is still a little limited, developers are trying to fill the void with an in-depth look at our favorite games.

Capcom has already released a VR compatible edition of Resident Evil 7. A full 360, survival horror experience, which despite being watered down is still manages to be even more terrifying than the standard game.

There are plans for a free virtual tour expansion to Assassin’s Creed Origins that could easily be enhanced with VR. Players will be able to explore ancient Egypt and discover more about that period of history.

It’s more of a framing device but these new titles will allow players a never before seen look at some of their favorite games. More titles are sure to follow suit, with Forza being one major franchise looking at further applications of the hardware.

You can be Batman

VR technology can finally make every young boy’s dream come true. Aside from being a race car driver in Forza, you can now also experience what it’s like to be Batman. The words ‘I’m Batman’ have never been truer. Batman Arkham VR gives the player the full experience of seeing your parents brutally murdered before your eyes.

And if your idea of being Batman involves learning to play the piano and slowly calibrating every piece of bat-tech you own; you’re in luck. Instead of experiencing the action you can listen to AI characters tell you about the action they’ve experienced. Ok, so maybe it won’t quite make you the Dark Knight of your dreams, but still, Batman!

Cooperative Capabilities

One new feature that generations of VR technology past couldn’t benefit from is the rise of online co-op. A standard feature of any modern games console allows for a new generation of VR games that thrive on cooperation. Star Trek: Bridge Crew sees you and three other players take control of the Enterprise.

Roles are divided up between Captain, Helm Officer, Engineer or Tactical Officer. You’ll all need to perform in synchronous if you want to pilot the starship and complete objectives.

Other games take a fun party approach such as ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’. The game features a VR bomb for one player to diffuse and an external manual for another player to study. The player with the manual must relay details back to the VR player, as they work together to defuse the bomb. It’s a novel new approach to VR gaming and a sign of bigger ideas to come, that go around performance issues.

A More Active Gameplay Experience

We love our gaming as much as the next guy but it has contributed to a generation of slovenly, unhealthy lifestyles. With the addition of motion controls like many of the current titles feature it’s a new active approach to gameplay.

For any shortcomings of the Nintendo Wii, the idea to get us up off our asses for a while was very welcome. Kids won’t go out and play as much these days with so many great games and the aforementioned online multiplayer. Therefore anything that gets them up and active is a positive contribution to the world of gaming.

Frankly, we could stand to drop a few pounds ourselves so it’s a positive thing for gamers everywhere. The only question is will gamers follow it or will it ultimately fall flat like the Wii, lost in a generation of couch potatoes.

VR Pratfalls are Hilarious

Ok, the idea that you could fall on your posterior whilst playing would usually be declared a negative. Once you get to grips with your own spacial awareness within VR, there’s plenty of fun to be had watching your friends and family.

Flailing limbs and stumbling folks have become an unfortunate side effect of the technology. But shows like ‘You’ve Been Framed’ and ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ have been running for 27 years now. There’s sure to be years of amusing content of somebody’s gran playing, and you can enjoy a little chuckle at your friend’s expense. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt or looks stupid; then it’s hilarious.

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