Jokes: Tony Romo Nails Play-By-Play As Cat Storms Field

Tony Romo is acclimating to his new position, announcer, well. As a man who’s used to avoiding blitzes and breaking down defensive schemes designed to confuse, there isn’t much on a football field that phases him. So when a cat took the field during Thursday Night Football, Romo was ready.

Listen to his hilarious play-by-play:


“Ooh look at the change of direction! Does he get both feet in right here at the end, Jim? He’s in!”

Tony Romo

During his playing days, ol’ Tony was injury prone. Brittle, in a word. But in the booth, he’s as nimble as our four-legged friend in the clip above. Bad back or not, Romo got the sauce in the booth. Even with the Ravens putting a 40-point shellacking on the Dolphins, he finds a way to make it entertaining.

The real question is: why is there a cat on the field in the first place. The answer: football stadiums are basically giant mazes with full of nooks, crannies, and garbage. Perfect for a rat, orĀ lots of rats. Who likes eating rodents? Cats, especially stray stadium cats.

Not everyone is able to make the transition from athlete to announcer as seamlessly as Romo has. Watch A-Rod break a TV on Fox NFL Sunday. Motherf***er is still on the juice…

At 37, Romo could still play in the league. Tom Brady is 40 and winning games like he’s 30. But it’s good for all parties if Romo stays in the booth. He spent his entire 14-year career with the Cowboys — a rarity in this day and age. “Lifers,” ironically, are dead.

For every Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, and Derek Jeter, there are 10 star players who don’t spend the entirety of their professional careers with one franchise.

No, Romo never won a Super Bowl in Dallas, but his legacy would be tarnished if he played ball for another club. And memory is a fickle thing. If Romo keeps announcing at a Pro Bowl level, his on-field performances will be lionized as time marches on. His stats won’t change, but the way we remember him will.

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