Time To Silence The Doubters: Interview With UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre is one of the greatest mixed martial artists to have ever stepped foot on planet earth. If you don’t believe in that theory or even entertain the idea of it, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate the way in which you view the sport.

From day one, this is a man who has been fighting against adversity, fending off bullies in his youth on the way to becoming arguably the most dangerous man on the planet. He grew up with a strong mind and a series of philosophies that were always destined to take him to the top, and whilst it took some time, he soon became the measuring stick by which all future stars would be compared.

“It’s always the same rules and cage wherever you are in the world, but for sure, New York is like a mythical place. The sport was only legalised in New York not a long time ago, and for me, I always wanted to fight there. It’s like my house because I go there every month for training, so fighting at home is always special and it’s a great moment for me.”

During his tenure atop the welterweight division within the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Georges was about as unstoppable as one man could ever hope to be. When there were setbacks, he rectified them, and when there were obstacles, he ran through them as if they weren’t even there.

But as is the case with many great warriors he eventually stepped away from the spotlight, sighting a variety of issues that led him to believe that he could no longer remain as the king of the cage.

In NYC, training with @erik_owings!

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However, that burning desire within him to be the best never stopped – and now, after four long years away, GSP will step back inside of the octagon in order to try and do something that very few men have been able to accomplish.

At UFC 217 some people believe St-Pierre will walk into the main event as an underdog, meanwhile, others feel as if he’s the nailed on favourite. Either way, the challenge of Michael Bisping will prove to be one of the greatest that Georges has ever faced.

The French-Canadian superstar will attempt to become a two-weight world champion when he takes on the leader of the middleweights, and whilst it won’t be easy, it’ll certainly provide Georges with the opportunity to silence his oh so many doubters.

“I’ve been training really hard, but I didn’t do as much volume. I’ve stayed fresh, injury free, and I’m very happy, which is going to make me a lot more dangerous. I don’t do it because I have to, I do it because I want to.”

We recently spoke with GSP during the second of two UFC 217 conference calls, and one thing stuck out to us: his focus. From a financial standpoint, there’s no reason for him to return to the cage, but as we all know, that ‘need’ to be called the best is what drives so many within this business.


This is a guy who has faced some of the scariest dudes that we’ve ever seen in the 170-pound division, and now it’s finally time to answer the long awaited question regarding his long-term status amongst the greatest of all time.

So get ready, because we’re expecting some serious superman punches on November 4th.

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