UFC 217: Interview With UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping

Determining who the ‘greatest of all-time’ is, in any sport, something that can rarely be done from a logical standpoint because in most cases, there’s no way of justifiably working it out.

But when it comes to mixed martial arts we can gather a better idea than most – mainly because it’s a sport that pits the baddest dudes on the planet against one another. With that thought process in mind, there’s an argument to be made that England’s own Michael Bisping could enter the discussion for being the G.O.A.T if he defeats Georges St-Pierre at Madison Square Garden on November 4th.

“Obviously I want to defend the belt, remain the champion, represent my country and perform for everyone who tunes in and watches. If I get more respect afterwards then that’s all well and good.”

With the most wins in UFC history in addition to having the Middleweight Championship over his shoulder, it’s a shame that The Count hasn’t received the adulation and respect that he deserves.

That is, until now.

As we get closer and closer to UFC 217 in New York City more and more fans are starting to realise that Bisping is as legit as they come, with victories over Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold being just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his resume within the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

From the early days it was obvious that the Englishman was something special, and although it took us back home a while to realise it, he would continue to be the torch bearer for British MMA right up until the present day.

“I don’t try and think about what I’ve accomplished and what not, but if I sit back, then yeah. I’ve always been proud to represent England, and of course being the first world champion from Great Britain is something I’m very proud of. The UK MMA scene is booming, we have tremendous fighting talent and we have a solid presence now. It’s just going to get better and better.”

After reigning supreme on The Ultimate Fighter he seemed to go from strength-to-strength, and although there were a few setbacks here and there, nothing could prevent this man from making history.

But with the target positioned firmly on his back, nowadays, it’s hard to argue that Bisping is facing his toughest challenge to date when he steps into the octagon against the iconic GSP.

St-Pierre may have taken a few years off, and will also be moving up to an entirely new weight class, but this is GSP we’re talking about here. The guy has always been able to prove the doubters wrong, and in some ways, the two men involved in this title tussle are quite similar.

“His own mentor is talking shit about him saying that he’s performing like crap, and that he’s slow. We’ve all seen the promos Georges, and you do look slow man. Maybe get some jumping rope or something, or do some foot work drills.”

Of course, the trash talking has been the main source of discussion for a lot of fans over the last few months, with Michael constantly accusing GSP of taking steroids whilst simultaneously mocking him for the negative comments that have been made by his former mentor.

As you can hear in the above interview that we conducted with Michael he isn’t short on confidence, and even in the midst of our questioning, he found time to try and get under Georges’ skin. Will that prove to be the difference maker at MSG? Only time will tell.

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