Astros Pride: Fan Defends Himself After Throwing Back Puig’s Homer

During the ninth-inning of Game 5 of the World Series, some Astros fans caught Yasiel Puig’s homer and in a viral video that has already taken the internet by storm, threw back the ball into the field.

The guy who stole the ball from the woman in the video is actually her brother-in-law and the woman is Sarah Head. Head spoke to the Yahoo Sports and she’s not mad he threw it back, he’s mad she didn’t get to throw it back herself!

“I would have liked the opportunity to throw it back myself,” Head told Yahoo Sports.

The video quickly demonized her brother-in-law Kirk Head, because not only did he throw back a Dodgers homer in the World Series, but he grabbed the ball straight from Sarah’s hands. The guy in the middle, her husband and his brother, looks angry at the guy for doing so, but now knowing the real story, you can see he just wanted his wife to have been the one to throw it back.

Kirk’s response to the whole ordeal? “[Expletive] the Dodgers.”

That’s the kind of game it was. The Astros 13-12 walk-off win against the Dodgers came after extra innings and an abundance of home runs, keeping both teams on their toes.

In a World Series that almost pitted coast against coast, it’s exciting to see that there’s still some drama between Houston and Los Angeles. In a tradition created by the Chicago Cubs almost five decades ago, throwing back the ball is a sign of true fandom and will get the biggest fans stealing it from their family as we’ve witnessed.

As the two teams head to Los Angeles for Game 6, there is sure to be some more drama to behold in what is turning out to be one of the best World Series in a long time.

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