Twilight Zone: LaVar Ball Becomes Less Ridiculous With Each Passing Day

When LaVar Ball first entered our lives about a year ago, we didn’t know what to think. Who is this large, loud man with his gaggle of basketball-playing sons? The answer is becoming more clear with each passing day.

Obviously, LaVar doesn’t believe half the crazy things he says. Talk is cheap, but lucrative. It’s not easy to carve out a lane in the athletic wear space. Nike is a publicly traded company worth $90 billion. How do you compete with that?

You create platform for yourself by spouting batsh*t crazy things out of your mouth. Quick, who’s the greatest basketball player of all time? Michael Jordan? Ok, now what’s the most outrageous thing we can say about him? Beat him one-on-one? Boom. Print it.

By manufacturing outrage, LaVar was able to get the ball rolling for his brand. He had to overcome inertia to become relevant. And it’s a lot easier to get #lavarball trending by becoming a villain than by doing something else noteworthy.

Now that LaVar (and scion Lonzo) have achieved sufficient relevancy, LaVar doesn’t have to go out and say crazy things. Lonzo’s doing his thing on the court, which is more than enough to keep Big Baller Brand afloat.

Compare LaVar from six months ago, shouting down Stephen A. Smith on ESPN about how he can beat Michael Jordan:

To contemporary Lavar Ball; a genuinely likable guy who will make you laugh:

In the span of six months, LaVar Ball has transformed himself from obnoxious loudmouth into legitimate businessman. His kid is the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has a website where he sells $500 shoes that people allegedly buy. And that video above where he goes undercover on social media to talk about himself is a legit GQ featurette. You know who was on GQ’s “Actually Me” the episode before LaVar? Jackie Chan. And After? A Jonas brother.

Any time find yourself sandwiched in between Jackie Chan and a Jonas brother you’re either in a bad dream or a good place, financially.

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