Ancient Aliens: Jordan Spieth Admits Obama Beat Him At Golf

Jordan Spieth is enjoying the little time off he gets from the Tour and he did so by playing a round with some pretty epic people, including ex-POTUS Barack Obama.

What does it take to beat Spieth? Presidential secrets and clutch putting seems to be the route to take, as Spieth admitted that Obama defeated him in gentlemanly combat. Spieth went on the “Late Late Show with James Corden” and recounted the story.

On the seventh hole, Spieth asked Obama what surprised him most about the job. The 44th president explained the gravity of the office and the expectations of the presidency both at home and abroad.

He concluded as he walked up to take a putt, “… and you won’t believe what the aliens look like. They’re freakin’ crazy looking.” Obama then stepped up, nailed the putt and turned back to Spieth giving him a wink.

“I’m not gonna sleep for a week!” Spieth said.

Spieth then went on to say that he couldn’t let the past president win, even if was a two-on-two match.┬áBut later, on the 18th hole, Obama was faced with a 10-foot, double-breaking putt to win that Spieth, the No. 2 golfer in the world, insisted he’d never seen anyone make on that course.

As a small crowd started to gather, Obama said, “When there’s a crowd on the last hole, I never miss.” And sure enough, he once again stepped up and hit the putt and said to Spieth, “told ya.”

Obama is a well known trash talker on the golf course but he took it to another level by besting one of the greatest golfers in the world. Hey Team Europe, you just got some insider tips from a past U.S. president on how to beat Jordan Spieth at this year’s Ryder Cup (if they can come up with something as shocking as aliens).

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