Trick Or Treat: Celebrities Houses You Need To Avoid On Halloween

Halloween in 2017 is coming to a close as we continue to ask the question: ‘where has this year gone?! I mean, seriously?!’. And next thing you know, we’ll be opening up advent calendars and belting out a James Corden Christmas song as we wave goodbye to another year.

However, the good thing about Halloween coming to an end is that on the night which it’s meant to represent: kids going out in fancy dress, knocking on strangers’ houses, shouting ‘trick or treat’ – this actually happens on the 31st. However, as the weekend building up to the big night, you’ve got 80% of London dressed like they belong in a soft porno wandering around the streets of Clapham – it’s supposed to be about a religious celebration, but saying that, not many people seemed too bothered on Saturday night.

If we stick to the traditions, though, and do the PC version of trick or treating, there are some celebrities houses you’d want to avoid at all costs:

Mark Wahlberg

The bloke who claimed 9/11 wouldn’t have happened had he been on the plane; Wahlberg has a history of violence which includes a two-year sentence for beating a man with a metal stick. Although the actor has been vindicated for his wrongdoings, there still seems to be that part of the American which could snap at any minute; poor Allen “Gator” Gamble felt the full force of that.

OJ Simpson

#JuiceOnTheLoose needs to be brought back this Halloween. After nine years in Nevada jail, the shamed NFL star will be experiencing his first Halloween free from the bars – just thank god he’s lost all that pace over the years.

Robert Downey Jr.

No, RDR isn’t part of the avoidance group because of his unpredictable nature in an outfit of iron. Instead, the actor makes the list for a sentencing of three years as he violated probation on a weapon and drug prosecution.

Who says all heroes need to be good?

Tim Allen

Who’d have thought everybody’s favourite Santa and Toy Story character would be one to avoid on Halloween?! Possibly one of the greatest Christmas films – just the first one in the three-part series – headline act, Tim Allen, has the troubled past of being caught in possession of over 650 grams of cocaine; a life sentence was traded for a two-year sentence after Allen gave up the names of fellow traffickers.

Sean Penn

Despite being an Oscar-winning actor, Penn was once sentenced to three months in prison for starting a fight with an extra on set; the actor was on probation from a previous two assaults at the time.

No wonder El Chapo trusted him.

Mike Tyson

If ever there was a picture that told a thousand words, this was probably it; if it’s not the boxer, then it’s the former heavyweight champion’s tiger that should be enough to put you off trick or treating around his door this Halloween.

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