NBA Horror: LeBron and Steph Get Spooky for Halloween

Every year over this past decade, the NBA seems to get more and more creative on October 31st. At least that is what social media has showed us.

It was just last year when the Cavs destroyed the internet with their Halloween party tour that went viral when they trolled the Warriors with “3-1 Lead” tombstones. Of course, the Warriors got the last laugh in June of this year when they nearly swept the Cavs, taking the finals in five games. This year is no different as the stars were out. To quote Drake: “Things are getting scary. Very, very scary like shi@# you see in a movie.”

A couple of weeks ago Nick Collison and Russel Westbrook kicked things off early with their amazing take on Sydney Deane and Billy Hoyle, portraying the characters from the 90’s basketball classic “White Men Can’t Jump.” The Thunder duo were a tough act to follow, but LeBron James and Steph Curry proved to the fashion icon, Russ, that they know how to flash some style.

LeBron paid tribute to the highest grossing movie to ever be released in September for Halloween when he Dressed up as Stephen King’s character, Pennywise from the latest adaptation of It. 

In the film, the character of Pennywise the dancing clown was played by 6’4″ Bill Skarsgard. The kids who were featured in the movie said that the towering Skasgard was absolutely terrifying on set. Imagine a 6’8″ LeBron James sporting the same outfit. It’s the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

It turns out the term “dancing clown” holds true for LeBron’s version of Pennywise as the agile three-time champion showed off some moves at a Halloween party over the weekend.

Not to be outdone, Steph Curry went all out on his costume this year, as well. Sticking with the same genre theme as The King, Curry dressed as the puppet from the Saw movies. Adding some flavor to the costume were the puppets trademark tuxedo and tricycle which Steph was spotted sporting on the way into Oracle Arena the other night.

As both the Warriors and the Cavs have gotten off to slow starts, it is safe to say that panic is not setting in for two former MVPs.

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