Pack Your Bags: These Are The Best November Getaways

The clocks have gone back, which means one thing: when you’re having your afternoon tea and biscuits – to get you through the final stretch of the day – you look outside and it’s pitch black; arrivederci daylight, winter is here.

There’s something quite comforting about it; it might be the cosy element, but that’s quickly disregarded when we realise we’ve got several months of darkness to bare before we can start leaving work in daylight.

Anyway, without dampening spirits too much, there are ways to avoid it – go away for a cheap weekend this November, and then suddenly upon your return, it’s Christmas and you’re staring at the greatest month of the year – we’ll deal with January when we get there.

So where’s best to go this November for a few days away? Fancy a bit of sun? Value for your money? Or just a nice weekend away in a city which does ‘winter’ better than the UK ones?


For sun bed lovers, and those desperate to admit it’s not winter, Malta is the answer this November. Guaranteed temperatures in the low 20s, and just a two-hour flight away; it’s the perfect answer for a November cold avoidance.

For Game of Thrones lovers, you can tour the King’s Landing; or, if you want to do something more in keeping with the climate, get involved with the Comino Island cruise – snorkeling in a blue lagoon doesn’t too bad for November.


“Prague; the city so beautiful that it was spared by Hitler… or so the story goes. Prague is a living and breathing enigma; old and dirty but somehow unimaginably graceful.” — World of Wanderlust

If the most destructive man to step foot on the planet preserved it, then it must be doing something right; with a pint of beer being the equivalent to 50p, and flights under £50 for a weekend retreat, the city dubbed the new Paris is a must this November.

However, despite Prague being called the new Paris, it has the Beer Geek – a bar with 32 taps of different beers – we’ll let you decide who’s on the flight to the capital of Czech Republic.


To go and see the Plaza Mayor is a good enough reason alone to visit Seville; simply stunning. A landmark which isn’t one of those you just visit to tick the box, as you feel like you’re doing the right thing, it’s a site where you just stand there and stare.

Combined with this, you’ve got the warm weather, the Spanish tapas and places around Andalucia which are a stone’s throw away. If you get a spare five, go to Granada; you get a free meal with every drink you purchase – you can’t make these things up.



A city which offers everything. You can go and see landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Berlin Wall during the day, and then go to – well, try and get into – Berghain nightclub in the evening.

Perfect for a winter break. Whether it’s your partner, family, or pals wanting a November weakened away, then Berlin has the answer for anything. Nightlife in abundance and culture everywhere you look. Just bring a warm jacket, it manages to trump UK temperatures.


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