Call Of Duty WWII: The Story Behind The Campaign

Tomorrow is the big day! Some have booked the day off work, other’s will go to work despite getting no sleep, following the midnight release of Call Of Duty: WWII – there isn’t enough eye-rolling from partners or comments of “nerd” from work colleagues to dampen spirits ahead of the November 3rd release.

With this Call Of Duty returning to its roots, coming back to ‘boots on the ground’, the excitement amongst fans of earlier versions of the game – namely Call Of Duty: World At War – is huge, with publisher, Activision, and developer, Sledgehammer Games, seemingly concerned at losing the early 00s audience that made them, with their futuristic Halo-esque spin on recent games.

If it wasn’t for the decision to remaster Call Of Duty 4, alongside the release of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, then you’d have to wonder if it would’ve already been too late. Thankfully, the revival of that old classic brought back in the millennial audience.

With each COD release, the players playing – and completing – the campaign mode dwindles, with many players only ending up on the campaign mode due to accidentally pressing ‘X’ on the title screen.

And that’s a shame, with Call Of Duty’s campaign modes up there with some of the best storylines of gaming history – they can stake claim to going toe-to-toe with the all-time campaign greats such as Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed.

With the demand for accuracy and realism increasing tenfold, the Call Of Duty: WWII campaign promises to be as special as they come, with players fighting the actual route that the 1st Infantry Division took, men that were part of the first wave of troops that assaulted German Army defences on Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Some 70 years have passed since the 1st Infantry Division led the push of ending Adolf Hitler’s Nazi reign, and it’s important that there sacrifice is never forgotten.

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