Winter Is Coating: 6 High-End Men’s Overcoats To Splash Out On This Season

Joel Harvey

Step outside and you’ll learn this very real, very sad truth: the weather is now officially rubbish. To be honest, this is the UK and the weather is rarely great. But as we’ve crashed through that one day of sunshine each year we call summer, we’re now hurtling off the ravine into winter. And we’ll be needing some coats to protect our fall.

Have a look in your wardrobe and check what’s gathering dust on the hanger – you’ll probably see some coats. But don’t kid yourself, these coats aren’t going to cut the mustard anymore. For the long, cold days that are approaching, you’re in need of something new. Something long and something sophisticated. Oh yes, you’ll be needing some high-end overcoat action.

And thankfully for you, we’ve found some of the best out there.


Overcoats can often be thought of as fairly traditional garments. Plain, businessman style wear without any real character. Burberry are here to subvert all that, though. On first glance, this coat might look fairly normal. But on closer inspection you’ll see it’s covered in hand-drawn, Tex Avery style cartoon characters. Pretty sweet.

This will really mix up your coat game but at a mere £1,595, it won’t be cheap to do so. If you can’t afford that kind of cash, speak to an artist friend of yours and have them draw all over your less-pricey Asda overcoat for a similar – but probably nowhere near as cool – effect.

Ted Baker

We love the seventies. And there’s nothing more seventies, than this bad-boy cashmere blended number from your boy, Ted Baker.

This camel coat looks like it’s come straight off the set of The Nice Guys; which is a good thing. And even though this is a high-end overcoat, the price is quite low-end: only £429. Sure, that’s hardly cheap. But compared to other coats on this list, anything that costs three figures is considered ‘budget’.

Tom Ford

The Fordster always brings his A-game when it comes to overcoats, and this one is certainly no exception.

We definitely think this is more suited to the taller gentleman out there, unless you want to feel like you’re wearing some kind of Tom Ford poncho. But if you’re the right fit for this beast, then go get it for a low-price of £4,135.

Remember: a Tom Ford purchase is an investment, much like buying a house. Except you can’t live inside a Tom Ford coat. But for that price, maybe you’ll have to.

Canada Goose

Those Canadians, they sure know their coats. It’s not surprising, since temperatures over there drop as low as why-has-my-nose-just-frozen degrees centigrade. So purchasing a Canada Goose long parka coat might be a shrewd move this bleak, cold winter.

It may not have the knockout style points of some of these other designer coats, but it does exactly what it needs to do: it keeps you warm and toasty. And parkas are still cool… we mean, warm. Oh man, we don’t know what we mean anymore. They look good, that’s what we’re saying. £825 worth of good.

Yang Li

And now for something completely different. Yang Li might not be a designer name that you’re all that familiar with, but you will be. Because this overcoat is someting pretty special indeed.

Image Source: Farfetch

Unique, stylish and unlike anything you’ve seen before on your coat rack, this could be the must-buy item you need this winter. This surprising coat of champions comes in at £1,442.

Dolce & Gabbana

But if you really want to go all out this winter, then head to D&G for this needlepoint flowery coat.

What you’re saying with this coat is that you are most definitely wearing a coat. A flowery coat. One that costs £2,545. And at that price, that’s one hell of a flowery statement to make.

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