All Out War: The Best Hockey Fight Ever

Fights are the best part about hockey. A hockey fight stimulates your lizard brain; not unlike one of those copper head ticklers. Less sexual and more bloodlust-ey, but whatever — neurons are firing.

You could spend hours going down a hockey fight rabbit hole on YouTube. Or you could spend a little over three minutes watching the best hockey fight ever.

Rewind to 1998. Bill Clinton is president. Men In Black just came out. And the Louisiana IceGators and the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks are at war inside the Cajun Dome. You’re gonna want sound for this one.

The announcer makes an already enjoyable video ten times better. He seamlessly transitions from hockey commentary to boxing commentary and his enthusiasm is infectious. Just like looking at the sun will make you sneeze, listening to this guy will make you smile.

The way he uses the word “hammer” with such panache makes you want to quit your job and become a roofer just so you can hammer stuff all day.

His joy is unmistakable. “And now McDonald! McDonald is hammering Bonner! The goalies!”

Goalie fights are the best. The cherry on top of a sundae. And just when the fight can’t possibly get any better, Tiger Sharks reinforcements arrive at 2:24. “This is an all out war!”

This is the best hockey fight video on the internet. The Boston Bruins climbing over the glass to fight the Ranger fans seems downright pedestrian after watching the IceGators fight the Tiger Sharks. But one video exists that might be even more absurd: Canada vs. the USSR at the 1987 World Junior Hockey Championship, better known as the Punch-up in Piestany. You know sh*t is real when they turn off the lights in the arena to try and stop the fight.

The Punch-up in Piestany put the World Junior Hockey Championship on the map in Canada. Since ’87, it’s been one of the biggest events on the annual sports calendar. And if you watch the video closely, you’ll see no fewer than six players who went on to play in the NHL.

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