Tom Blomqvist: Formula E Interest is Rapidly Rising

BMW DTM driver Tom Blomqvist has added his voice the chorus of many in praising the Formula E Championship’s rapid growth.

It seems like only yesterday that Formula E was in its infancy – and that sentiment is held by many more than just its fans. Drivers who otherwise wouldn’t have graced the fledging sport with a cursory glance have resolved to strongly considering participating in the all-electric championship as a viable career option.

Oh yeah, back to Macau with Rowe Racing in the M6, first time in GT. One of the most difficult circuits in the world, can't wait! #BMW #M6 #GT3

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Among those is the son of 1984 World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist – Tom Blomqvist. The young Blomqvist has recently spilled the beans over his desire to participate in the open-wheel championship, citing fervent growth and a surge of manufacturer support as reason enough to consider going all-electric:

“When I went to BMW it was never on my radar, because it was still very small, in its infancy. I’m really interested in Formula E now.

It’s a championship which is growing massively and at an extreme rate.

The caliber of drivers here is super high and the competitiveness of the championship is just going to grow.” – Tom Blomqvist

Blomqvist does have a chance of securing a seat within Formula E, but he may find himself waiting a bit as he remains contractually bound by the direction BMW decides to steer him in. With the German manufacturer expected to take a much more hands-on approach with the Andretti team in the future, Tom could easily find himself being prepped for a FE entry at some point in the future.

The proclivity for drivers – particularly young ones – to look towards Formula E is an incredibly testament to the health of the Championship. Despite the barrage of naysayers over the years, the sport has proved that it can generate a turnout and get a new generation of Motorsport fans excited and addicted to the world of racing.

With a large and consistent influx of manufacturer interest, Formula E is well on its way to becoming one of the hottest Motorsports on our beloved little planet.

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