What Is Going Too Far: This Jeopardy! Golf Question Crosses The Line

It’s always exciting sitting down to catch an episode of the long-time trivia show Jeopardy! and seeing a sports category, especially when it’s golf, considering how rare it is. The medieval or world history questions are a bore, so when Jenny selected “Golf” for $200 on Wednesday night, us golf fans were ready to respond.

And then Jeopardy! took a turn down a dark path.

The clue: “It’s a right-handed golfer’s shot that veers to the right…

That would have been enough. It’s a slice, obviously! But there’s more.

“…or what he might want to do to his wrists after it does.”


Suicide jokes aren’t funny.

Alex Trebek has a history of cutting up with contestants, once jokingly calling someone a loser after the girl said she is into “nerd core hip-hop.” There’s also the time when a girl described how her pet pygmy goat died after eating candles, an entire bag of Hershey’s kisses and a bag of Quikrete concrete.

Here’s the video to show Trebek’s response (go to :40):

If you’re curious what the remaining clues were in the golf category, here they are:

The $400 selection had the same swing theme: “It’s a right-handed golfer’s shot that veers to the left, or the punch he might want to throw after it does.”

What is a hook?

For $600, “After an extended adventure on 13 in 2017, this 23-year-old became the youngest American to win the British Open.”

Who is Jordan Spieth?

For $800, “In 2016 The Masters, U.S. and British Opens and this 4th in the quartet were all won by players winning their first major.”

Poor Jenny guessed the Australian Open. But we know it’s the PGA Championship.

And for the final clue on the board: “Two word culinary term for a ball buried partway, over-easy or sunny side up.”

Raul was on a roll and responded with a fried egg. Nailed it.

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