Why Game Of Thrones Is Responsible For This Generations Trust Issues

Game of Thrones isn’t necessarily the show we asked for but it’s the show we needed. Who are we if not a little bit of Arya and Cersei, vying for something bigger than ourselves and living life to reach that potential. The characters are subtly relatable but the show as a whole is so wholly unrealistic that it can take you out from under your covers and transport you to another world.

The complexity of each character has been developed over seven successful seasons now, with only one chapter left to go. The fanbase is so huge that you can’t walk into a room these days without at least one person bringing up a death or a situation they need to harp on. With everything that is going on in the world, this generation has grabbed onto the show as a sort of life jacket, investing everything they have into it.

And this, my little birds, is why we have trust issues.

The whole concept of the show is about deception and honor and how those two traits collide. With our eyes glued to the screen, we’ve seen our favorite characters killed in gruesome, back-stabbing ways, which left us wondering how George R.R. Martin sleeps at night.

Here are just a few of these pivotal moments from the series that changed our outlook on, well, everything.

*Spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t watched GOT yet you should contemplate all of the other awful decisions you’ve made in life*

The Red Wedding

Let’s start with the most obvious heart break. The last King in the North was Robb Stark, the young wolf (regardless of what Daenerys thinks). He was betrayed by his bannermen and the groundskeeper Filch at his Uncle’s wedding for marrying some “tight fit” instead of one of his daughters. Robb never lost a battle but he lost his head for love and if you weren’t screaming all kinds of obscenities at the TV, you either read the book or have no soul.

This has now instilled a fear of weddings for many, even though like the Queen of Thorns said so wisely, “as if men needed another reason to fear marriage”.

Joffrey’s Order

Oh Ned. The great and honorable Ned Stark, who damned himself with his own mouth. The show portrayed him as the main character all throughout the first season only to gut out our hearts with his untimely death at the hands of a cowardly lion.

Even after Sansa begs for mercy and Ned himself goes back on his treasonous words, “King” Joffrey snips Ned’s neck because he can. We all knew what Joffrey was but his actions were unfathomable. Can you trust anyone? Your nextdoor neighbor? The President? Your dog?

If someone gives you mad side-eye on public transportation, they’re probably picturing Joffrey and that smug smile on his face.

Theon GreyWho

This dude is the reason why we can’t even trust those we call our best friends. He may have the most tragic story in the series. A product of war, he was taken by his family and raised by a much better one, but then went through an identity crisis where he forsake every honorable trait his fake father tried to teach him.

His betrayal of Robb Stark for his real father lead to the true downfall of the young wolf and the demise of the Stark household (at the time) with another house claiming the North. He then becomes a hole of himself as he’s tortured until he is unrecognizable.

When a friend of yours goes through an identity crisis, just call them Reek and be wary of their decisions.

“I’m a whore”

Shae. She really doesn’t even deserve to be on this list, but her betrayal towards Tyrion really set the tone for the future of the show aka our lives. While she is the kind of person you really never trust to begin with, she somehow made us believe she loved the half-man before admitting to court what she truly was, a whore.

This is SO like online dating. You have to weed through all the whores who say they want to be with you but really just want to be in you. TRUST ISSUES PEOPLE.

The Nights Watch

Jon Snow’s big heart got him killed, just like Alliser Thorne said it would.. because he was the one that killed him (that bastard). By doing something no one had done before, letting people who were seen by the majority as savages into civilization, he was betrayed by his men just like Robb. Stabbed him right in the heart for caring too much.

Thankfully it didn’t end that way but in life we can’t always have a sorceress bring us back to life at the will of their God. No, in life we’re stuck with rulers who want to separate us and make us feel worthless. Trans, Gay, Jewish, Muslim, may be wildlings or outcasts to some, but in Jon’s eyes and hopefully more, deserve a place in society like everyone else.

Winter Came

While most betrayals in Game of Thrones leave you feeling like the world just ended, season 7 gave us some of the revenge we’ve been waiting for. The Starks. Even though Bran is as lively as a stick, his sisters have come for the ones who betrayed their family.

The best betrayal for retribution was Arya Stark killing Walder Frey and all of his sons for killing Robb and Catelyn Stark (along with most of the Northern houses families). She gave them no mercy, just like they didn’t for hers. Winter came for house Frey, the Boltons, and even Littlefinger.

These ends give us hope that while we may have lost our trust in most, there are always two sides of the coin.

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