A Movement: Tiny Houses Are The New Biggest Sensation

Welcome to the turn of the century, where less is more and the tiny house movement is taking over the architectural world.

We live in a time where we can get any information or product with the click of a button. Instant gratification has made us lazy in more ways than one; whether it’s online dating and swiping through people or just not using our brains at all to decipher a debate – or anything else.

This is how the tiny house phase began, as people wanted to get away from putting so much on objects and more on just living. With a tiny house you are conserving energy and money you might use on personal items (to decorate or whatnot) and use it towards literally anything else.

Through the information age we’ve also developed an awareness to what our presence has done to this Earth. Some people want to make a smaller footprint on the world and what better way to do that than with a tiny home, which could literally fit in a parking spot.

A lot of the tiny house popularity has emerged as a new type of mobile home. No longer are trailers and shacks looked down upon but a part of the new era. They have trucks that turn into a two-storey room and trailers that can transform into a high-tech home.

These types of houses can give a family, couple, or a single person the ability to escape from the modern world by only living by the essentials and the freedom to travel at will. This seems more realistic for a single retired person to enjoy, but if you have a job that includes travel then it can work for anyone.

With HGTV shows like Flip or Flop, House Hunters, and Property Brothers, the niche for small houses found a place to advertise and grow in popularity. They literally amended the title and added Tiny House Hunters to the mix, revealing this new craze to anyone that still uses cable.

Even Amazon has gotten on board by using storage crates as the platform for a tiny house that they can easily ship straight to your door.

Minimalism, conservation, and peace are the foundation tiny homes thrive on and why they are prospering today.

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