The Coolest Gadgets You Didn’t Know Were On Amazon

Amazon has become a powerhouse in the online market, expanding from selling products to acquiring Whole Foods to having their own delivery service (possibly with drones soon). The sky is literally the limit for this company and yet it still hasn’t lost its quirky factor, giving its users a plethora of options for every day needs.

If you don’t use Amazon or don’t know about the explore section of your account, we are here to blow your mind. There are gadgets you didn’t even know you needed and these are just a handful of the cool stuff on the internet. You’ll probably need one or two and want the rest!

Lazy Cleaner

For anyone that hates to clean, here’s the perfect way to barely lift a finger…or toe. Put these sweet slippers on and shuffle around your apartment to keep your floor squeaky clean.

Retro Apple Watch Stand

This retro apple watch holder/charger is so freakin cool and cheap! The design makes your apple watch look like one of the old Macs that had the really cool different colored backs.

Cat Ear Headphones

Hey people, let your freak flag fly with these dope cat ear headphones. No need to talk to people next Halloween, just put these on and you’ve got your costume and a way to block out anyone and everyone.


For anyone who likes picnics, camping, or sleeping on the job, this blanket starts off in the palm of your hands. Once opened it’s normal sized but pack it up and it’s back to being a discreet handy dandy gadget.

Mini Fridge

Why leave your desk to go to the fridge when you can have your own USB powered one right at your fingertips? Sure, it may only hold one can but that’s all you need at a time, so keep your beverage cold while at your desk with this fun gadget.

Cat DJ

Who doesn’t want there cat to look like a DJ while also keeping your furniture scratch free? Great Instagram opportunities with this one and it’s pretty cheap as well. You’ll be the coolest cat in town, well, your cat will be.

Hot Dog Toaster

Why toast your buns and dogs separately when you can kill two birds with one stone using this nifty invention. Dinner will be done in a jiffy!

Dog Camera

Ever wonder what your dog is doing while you’re away at work? Well, now you can check in on your pooch AND give them treats if they haven’t ripped up the carpet all from this cool gadget.

Hand Of The King

A bottle opener for those who want to rule the realm and pop bottles like the king they truly are. There were so many cool bottle openers on Amazon, though, so if GOT is not in your realm of nerdom there will surely be something that will light up your eyes and your beer.

Water Bottle

For the people that are sick of seeing the metal Swell bottles everywhere, this is for you. This collapsible water bottle could fit in your pocket if you wanted and can provide you with an easy way to drink water wherever you go. Plus if won’t be a pain to carry around like every other bottle on the market.

Portable Lamp

This is the perfect bedside lamp for anyone who gets up in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning to take a pee. Just roll out of bed and grab one of the balls and you have a portable light to guide your way to the porcelain throne or a late night snack. Pretty freakin’ cool.

Thank you, Amazon, for providing us a place to find the coolest gadgets on the market all in one place.

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