F1: It’s Official, Massa is Out for Good

F1 Williams driver Felipe Massa may have got one last chance around the track in 2017, but the Brazilian has confirmed that he is officially out for 2018.

All good things must end, and unfortunately for Felipe Massa, his second chance in F1 has come to a close with his announcement of retirement from the sport at the end of the 2107 season.

If you’re feeling a sudden onset of déjà vu, you’re forgiven. The news comes almost exactly at the same time as it did last year, when Massa announced his retirement from the sport following a push from Williams to vacate his seat.

Despite being called back to mentor the incoming rookie Lance Stroll at the start of the 2017 season, it’s clear that Williams have every intention of supplying their team with new blood.

Massa issued the following statement regarding his place in the Grove-based team:

“I have now enjoyed four great years with the team, but my career in Formula 1 will finally come to an end this season.

I take so many great memories with me as I prepare for my final two races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, and although they will be emotional, I am looking forward to ending on a high note and preparing for a new chapter in my career.” – Felipe Massa

Massa wasn’t the only one to offer parting words. Williams’ deputy team principal Claire Williams thanked the Brazilian for all that he’s given the team over the years:

“I would like to thank Felipe for all he has done for the team over the last four years.

We are especially grateful that he agreed to postpone his retirement from Formula 1 for a year, after Valtteri joined Mercedes, which demonstrated the depth of the relationship we built during our time together.

On behalf of Sir Frank, and all the team, we give our very best wishes to Felipe for the future.” – Claire Williams

Although Massa’s chapter in F1 may have come to a close, his racing career is far from over. There are plenty of other series that Felipe could find himself burning rubber in.

While there will undoubtedly be interested parties looking to snatch up the veteran F1 driver, we can’t help but feel that the best option for Felipe to maintain relevancy in the world of Motorsport would be to opt for a team in Formula E.

With the meteoric rise the sport has seen over the last few seasons, Felipe would have to have a major cranial malfunction not to consider hopping in an all-electric open wheel cockpit.

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