Brightening Things Up: Oxford Circus Lights In Numbers

Bonfire night is over, which only means one thing – it’s Christmas takeover from now. Buckle up for everything to visually and auditorily invade you for the next two months as marketing and retail companies make their best efforts to put everyone off the whole event.

If you need constant reminding of facts like Christmas is just seven Sundays – to date – away from the calendar year, then head over to Oxford Street where it looks like Santa and his Elves have thrown up the North Pole on the West End.

With all the lights going up as early as October, it’s now the time to turn them on; Rita Ora is the ‘A-lister’ with the lucky job this year as the X Factor judge will be responsible for lighting up Oxford Street with 750,000 LED lightbulbs; if ever there was a time for a Dad-Blackpool-illumination-esque-joke, now’s your chance.

For those worrying about the expenditure of energy to keep that many bulbs running for two months, fear not; each LED bulb uses 75% less energy than a normal one, plus, the organisers are going to need all the bulbs to show the 1,778 baubles on display; yes, 1,778.

On the 58th-year of the display, one-million people are expected to pack the streets to watch the lights turn on as Michael Buble gets ready to come out of retirement and be blasted on speakers down the street.

For the second-year running, NSPCC is partnering with the event where all money raised will go towards the charity; the one-million-pound sponsorship deal that Disney signed in 2007 with the show gives an idea of the money it raises; so, despite the takeover of Christmas for two months, it’s a brilliant reason for the show to do good in the world.

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