Innocent Drinks And Their Quest To Win The Social Media World

A good social media game is important for all brands, which makes it all the more baffling when one doesn’t believe in having a strong presence on all platforms.

The biggest change in social media strategies from when the world of tweets and statuses first arrived, is now brands understand that their customers/followers want to know the voices and faces of the people behind the 140 characters -no Twitter, we will not conform! We will not do 280 character-tweets!

No one asked us for our opinion, but if they were to, we’d firmly answer ‘Innocent’ to the question: Who is winning social media?

They Aren’t On The Property Ladder, Either

Innocent are every millennial trying to work out why they’re able to pay rent, that is more than a mortgage, but unable to get a mortgage.

They Are Intrinsically British, Too

We’ve all stayed at a friend’s house for the weekend, and decided the smell of body odour is a greater badge of honour to wear, rather than asking how to work their shower.

It even gets to the point where your friend asks you if you need to be shown how to work the shower, and you go fully British and pretend you’ve already had one and worked it out on your own.

Free Stuff

It’s not really part of a social media strategy but, hey, giving away free stuff never hurt anyone’s public approval.

They’re Dog People

Is there anyone out there who would honestly buy a drink from a company that openly sided with cats over dogs?

Cats are the devil.

Charitable Folk

Old people may well have ruined our futures, but you know what, they still deserve to be happy, safe and warm; Innocent’s partnership with the highly-commendable charity, Age UK, is one of the many great things the company does.

Go on, go and get a smoothie with a wooly hat, and do your good deed for the day.

They’re Weird (In A Good Way)

We are pretty certain that Dan and Lou are being held hostage by Innocent – it’s the look in their eyes. However, if we were to be taken hostage by anyone, our preference would be Innocent, with their office of wooly hats, dogs and creepy 3D replicas of all employees!

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