Fast Food Chains Rated: ‘Post-Night Out To Heavenly Night In’

Mmm… the fatty, oily, fried goodness of fast food is an American staple that has captured the hearts of many and the disdain of some. Whether you eat it every week or only as a drunken mistake, these drive-through wonders are here to stay.

Sure, the world may be getting more health conscious and may not advocate having a few greasy burgers a week, but fast food can be a life saver. That 3AM In N Out burger saved Carol from puking all over her kitchen floor, so yeah, a lifesaver.

We’re rating the best fast food chains to have after a sloppy night out to those Netflix binge nights where you just don’t want to move.

Best Post-Night Out

The place you have to go after a night out with the crew is somewhere that’s open 24 hours, because you’re not going to bed until you’ve had your greasy a$$ burger. This depends on where you’re from but if you’re not near an In N Out, McDonalds is the winner for this one. Classic fries and cheap burgers that won’t drain the rest of your dough will leave you feeling satisfied.

Weekly Staple

One of the newer fast food chains, Chipotle has made several statements over the years that make seem like the only option for a weekly habit. Yes, everyone knows guac is extra, which is why everyone hopes their server will be extra with their scooping skills.

Best Non-Burger Joint

Taco Bell. Whether you like the crunch wrap supreme or go specifically for the Baja Blast drink, TBell is the best fast food chain that doesn’t sell burgers.

The Best of the Worst

A lot of people have a lot to say about fast food being unhealthy, but these days everything is unhealthy for you. Might as well get cancer enjoying life, and for some people, that means eating fast food!

Wendy’s deal is that they say their meat is quality and never frozen. The square burgers are grilled to perfection and on top of that you can have some of the best shake/fry combo in the biz. If you haven’t stuck a fry in your shake yet, do it.

Heavenly Night In

Call the Colonel, we’re eating KFC tonight. Get the classic bucket or popcorn chicken nuggets, it doesn’t matter ’cause either way your apartment is about to smell like fried chicken goodness. This is comfort food at its fast food finest.

The company came up with a drumstick bath-bomb in Japan for gods sake. If that’s not an initiative to help people relax, I don’t know what is.

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