Popular (And Expensive AF) Shoes You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing

There are fashion trends that work and some that don’t, but sometimes these high-end name brands come out with products that seriously make you scratch your head as to how someone would actually wear what they’re selling.

Shoes have become a staple in the fashion game. People wear them to complete a look, to keep up with the celebs, or simply for comfort. These top brands came out with shoes that have become popular and recognizable but should NOT be worn in public or have way too high of a price tag.



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We’ll give them points for creativity with the whole no shoelace thing, but these do not look cute. Looks like a sock with a platform on the bottom. Maybe they’re comfortable? You wouldn’t know unless you hand over $500 to wear them. *face palm*


This brand has really boomed over the past few years with their comfy white three-striped sneaks but a recent collaboration has us perplexed. Adidas recently partnered withJeremy Scott who is known for his avant-garde style and created a shoe with wings.

If you collect sneakers and just use these as a prop on a shelf, then sure, it’s got some appeal. On the streets, not so much. If you’re seen walking around with these you’ve either got too much money to care or you’re an attention whore. Check yourself.

Big Baller Brand

You have to give Lonzo Ball some credit. He has created a brand solely for his family, not caring whether other people buy it or not because with a $500 price tag, who in their right mind would pay for this?!

People scared to change, we not.

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The shoes look decent and are probably well made, but damn. The price makes people laugh rather than actually considering buying a pair of these. Sneaker heads and the one percent might want some just to try ’em out but that’s about it.

Yeezy Boost

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There are just so many other shoes out there that would look better on your feet. There’s nothing wrong with Yeezy’s but the viral shoe is just like every other freakin’ shoe. Why spend bank for something you could get a knock-off of at Kohls or literally anywhere else.

This rapper-cum-fashion expert is overrated. Make more music Kanye, not generic sneakers.


There are so many other things you should spend your money on than this fugly a$$ Gucci slide trend. A pair of pool shoes for $210?? No thank you.

Who are you trying to impress with these? Just stop.

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