FIFA Must Improve Efficiency FUT Champions 40-Game Grind

Adam Brown

The FUT Champions Weekend League has transformed Ultimate Team since the game-mode’s introduction in FIFA 17.

With access to valuable prizes, participation in the Weekend League is definitely the quickest way to creating a dominant team.

As a result, the competitiveness of FIFA has developed profoundly – creating a system where the best players can come head-to-head for both prizes and qualification to live eSports events.

While it’s great that EA are furthering FIFA’s growth into the eSports market, is FUT Champions the most efficient method? For those players who compete for a place in the top 100 each week, it’s likely that they have much more free time than the standard player – as well as making more people quit.

However, for many players, the 40 games is simply too much. One match online is around 20 minutes – if there is no extra time. That means that it takes 800 minutes (Over 13 hours) to play 40 games back to back – and that doesn’t include time for tinkering with your team, applying fitness/healing and taking short breaks between games.

Effectively, if your time is limited over the weekend from other work/study or social/leisure commitments, it’s going to be difficult to play 13 hours of competitive FIFA.

To add further stress, many users have discovered that FUT Champions can experience lag or noticeable button delay at busier periods. It’s something which should be non-existent in a competitive environment – and given that EA also expect users to give up a huge proportion of their weekend, it’s no surprise that some players compare the Weekend League to a chore.

The notion that the Weekend League is a chore is common. Unless you’re willing to have at least one session where you endure and slog for 15-20 games, you’re not going to have much time for other things. Also, with even more enticing monthly rewards attainable, FUT Champions demands that FIFA players must commit to the entire month – effectively giving up, or at least limiting their weekends.

In many ways, the Weekend League only benefits the hardcore Ultimate Team players. Sure, the prizes are often good value, but many FIFA fans are left without the opportunity to compete for them due to time restrictions. It’s time that EA consider other avenues for a concept which although has benefited the game for competitiveness, has reduced the enjoyment.

Surely there are other methods for EA to explore. While it’s understandable that EA use 40 games to create separation in between skill levels, there needs to be a solution to create

The qualifying system could be improved, whereby players qualify for a certain criteria. If FUT Champions qualification is divided, this means that the mass amount of games could be lowered.

Users could qualify for bronze, silver, gold or elite during the week – and then play 20 games against users who qualified to the same level. For example, a player could qualify for “Elite” during the week, and they would then only play against other players at the weekend in that division – tougher games, but better prizes.

Such a simple change could make what is an exciting concept a much more accessible, efficient and all-round better game mode.

Until EA seek to adapt the 40-game grind, it’s likely that many players will continue to be left in situations where they are constantly struggling to complete their matches.

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