The Growth Of Menkind: Gadgets Blokes Don’t Need But Want

There’s not a greater feeling in the world, when payday is approaching, and you realise that something has happened that is rarer than your mate Dave getting a round in: you’ve still got some money left.

A sensible person would save that money for a rainy day, but sensible people aren’t our friends; we view that bit of disposable income leftover as an excuse to justify the purchase of something totally unnecessary – as soon as they invent a pizza cutter that does the cutting for you, we will be buying in bulk.

But until that happens, we will be sticking with this lot.

Polaroid play 3D pen

Image Source: Menkind

No one needs a 3D pen outside of a graphic designer’s office, however, when you realise that you can make yourself Wolverine’s claws or Captain America’s shield, then why wouldn’t you go and get yourself one?!

3D pens make boyhood dreams come true.

Paintball gun thunder stryker

Image Source: Menkind

“Dan, I swear, if I come round this corner, and you’re waiting to ambush me with that paintball gun, again, I’m leaving you.”

– Dan’s partner

*60 seconds later*

“I thought you were joking! Please don’t leave me! I’ll hang up my gun for good”

– Dan

Wall-climbing Spider 

Image Source: Menkind

Just missed the chance of a proper good Halloween scare, but thankfully for you, making people ? themselves is hilarious all year round.

Also, if the Doritos bag is just over an arm’s length away, you can get your spider to scuttle over and push them towards you.

Retro diner pizza oven

Image Source: Menkind

Dreams of having pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner just became a real possibility.

Playstation Wallet

Image Source: Menkind

Not technically a gadget, but the fact it embodies the greatest gaming console ever made, means it makes the list.

Your clubcards and loyalty cards for coffee shops you’ll never visit again will be travelling in style.

Stormtrooper mini bluetooth speaker

Image Source: Menkind

Yep, most of the country already have a mini bluetooth speaker, so there’s no need for another one.

That is unless it’s a Star Wars stormtrooper head, then there’s every need to double up on your mini bluetooth speaker quantity.

Mip Coder

Image Source: Menkind

A two-wheeled robot that follows your commands, and makes being lazy so much easier – and there’s every chance, if it can do Christmas shopping, that we won’t be leaving the house this December.

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