Pockets: Pants Need To Realize When It’s Too Much Or Not Enough

OK, so it’s not the pants’ fault, it’s the people who create them that are the evil assailants to this whole pockets problem. But there is a problem and we’re addressing it.

Have you ever tried to put your phone in your front pocket just to have it barely fit and fall out with a sad flop? How about those fake a$$ pockets that are literally just a piece of fabric sewn on to pair of pants to LOOK like they have pockets? What about having too many pockets and not knowing what anyone could possibly store in all of these holes that must lead to an alternate universe?

If you have experience any of these issues, then you understand our pocket dilemma here. What’s too much and what’s not enough?

Too Much

Cargo pants. The infamous pants or shorts that have WAY too many pockets for them to actually be plausible.

Who needs 15 pockets? The little pocket inside of pockets, what goes in there? Maybe one Advil to stop your brain from hurting after trying to decide what to keep in every other pocket. Unless you’re in the military, cargo pants aren’t very practical.

Not Enough

This might be an issue only women have, but I’ve seen some men wear some pretty tight pants, so you never know. Anyways, one of the worst things in the world is realizing that you were tricked into buying a pair of jeans that had fake pockets. Who in that marketing meeting went, “We should make pockets with all of the aesthetic and none of the functionality,” and thought that was a good idea?

We all know the real reason behind selling women pants with zero to half useable pockets. It’s so they are forced into buying purses. If you didn’t know this already, you’re welcome – we probably just blew your mind.

But seriously, guys can hold their world in their pockets and women are stuck with lugging around a bag with them instead. Granted women love their bags, but there should also be the option for carrying stuff in your pockets besides a literal piece of gum. Guys who wear skinny jeans probably understand the pain.

Why can’t we just have normal sized pockets for all? #WeDeserveBetter

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