Monkeying Around: Wild Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Have As A Pet

Ever since the mini pig craze began people have been inviting more and more wild animals into their homes. Most of the time these animals have been injured in some way so they can’t live in their natural habitat, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

We grow up thinking that a dog is probably the closest thing to a wolf we’ll ever get to own, but now we can dream much bigger than that. What about having an otter as a buddy or a sugar glider?! The sky is the limit and thanks to Instagram we can live vicariously through these accounts before adopting a little friend of our own.

Sugar Glider

How precious is this baby sugar glider. These little flying-squirrel type animals are one of the most commonly traded exotic animals for their small yet unusual appearance.

They are actually pretty good pets for people who work at home because these are social animals so if you don’t intend to get more than one, expect to spend a lot of time with your sugar glider. These guys are devoted pets with the right training and patience and carrying them around inside your shirt or hoodie will become a common occurrence.


A bushbaby or galago are similar to the sugar glider but they can jump from treetops rather than just having good balance. These little guys are also social animals who need a lot of attention and cry like human babies.

Their big eyes give them a sweet appearance that attracts many to having these cuties as pets. While they can be kept in captivity, many experts believe these animals should be left in the wild. Hopefully most of the bushbabies that do end up in homes are unable to live in the wild and live better lives with their human companions.

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Um, excuse me? This might be the most surprising of exotic animals people can own. And the cutest. Although not great for cuddling if bought already matured, if you get a baby otter and raise it in captivity these creatures can have a strong bond with their owner.

Otters are very high maintenance, though, and they smear their poop everywhere to mark their territory so beware of that. If you don’t have the time or patience to train your otter we would suggest not keeping one of these in your home, but enjoy these cute videos of Mr. Cartel.


If you’re looking for a flying companion, an owl might be the wild animal for you. Made popular by Harry Potter, where Hedwig was as loyal as pets come, owls are solitary animals and consider everyone who isn’t their ‘mate’ an enemy.

They need a lot of space and specific care that deters many bird owners from keeping an owl as a pet. If they do bond to you, if you become sick or unable to care for them anymore they may become depressed to the point of death. Better to keep these babies in the wild.

Fennec Fox

This fox is a little different than a normal wild fox, with a much smaller body and bigger ears in comparison to their size. These tiny babies act like dogs when domesticated and are quite active and playful.

They are pretty easily trained but can run away if they’re let out without the right precautions and are hard to recapture. Other than that these wild animals are pretty good pets if you’re looking for an exotic breed.


The domestic fox is similar to the fennec fox in that it can act like a dog if trained properly.

Sweater weather and pumpkin spice got me like 👅

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These foxes became domesticated because of their plush fur that was used to make pelts and for this reason many lost their wild like traits and were unable to live in that environment. So in this case, although they may be more hard to come by and expensive, you would be saving this fur baby from becoming someones scarf.

This fox in particular is a sassy pet.. read the caption on this picture to show you what can happen if you upset them.

This has never happened before… As most of you know, I have been traveling A LOT since September. We've been in the process of finding a permanent facility to start our sanctuary. This has caused a little bit of stress on Juniper since she's so closely bonded with me. WELL, yesterday I returned home from being away for an entire week. ☁️ I sat with her on the floor and talked to her while she soaked up the attention. She then jumped onto my back and shoulders to get closer to my face. (Completely normal). I continued petting her and she slowly turned around. I thought she was getting ready to jump back onto the floor when suddenly… she squatted… and peed directly on my head. ☁️ I don't think I'm allowed to leave the house anymore. #YouNasty

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While raccoons are illegal in most areas and are prone to biting, these garbage babies can be good pets, too. If handled from an early age raccoons can become much more social and loving, although are mischievous at heart.

Raccoons can develop many health problems, so if you do decide to adopt one you should contact a vet that is willing to treat them before you do. Otherwise a baby raccoon can be a very rewarding exotic pet to own.

While all of these animals are adorable, we shouldn’t forsake our domesticated friends who we are lucky to have. Kitties, puppies, fish, turtles, hamsters, you’re enough.

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